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Dr. Paul's campaign trip to Pheonix

The following is an email I received from Dr. Paul's campaign after signing up on a mailing list.

April 3, 2007

Dear friend,

I arrived in Phoenix from Washington, DC Thursday evening March 29th and was delighted to be met by a large group of supporters at the airport toting signs and placards. Friday morning began early with a 6 a.m. interview by telephone on the Dave Williams radio show in Salt Lake City. I then went to the KFNX studio to appear on the Charles Goyette show and spent an hour on his program answering some great questions from listeners. All the lines were full throughout the show, and I’m sorry I couldn’t stay to take more calls.

The busy day continued. I was interviewed by reporters and editorial board members at the Arizona Republic; by a reporter for Channel 3 News; by Mike Sauceda at Channel 8 ; and by Jim Sharpe of the Clear Channel radio affiliates. The hosts asked a lot of direct questions about the future of our nation in the face of uncontrolled immigration, runaway entitlement spending, and our deadly, expensive no-win war in Iraq.

I also got to visit with many of our supporters and other folks who are interested in our campaign. State Senator Karen Johnson hosted a luncheon that included a number of elected officials and GOP state Chairman Randy Pullen. The room was packed and overflowing. In the evening, we had a very successful fundraiser and I was leasantly surprised by the attendance of my friend Barry Goldwater, Jr., who said some kind words to those assembled.

On Saturday, we concluded this visit to Phoenix with a rally and visits with more enthusiastic supporters. I left Arizona energized by the support and excited about the growing momentum in our campaign. Our next trip will be in Iowa on April 11-12.

Please urge family and friends to join us by directing them to http://www.RonPaul2008.com . Thank you for supporting our campaign!


Ron Paul

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Sorry for all the edits folks (at least those that noticed). The original looked fine here and it was a straight copy and paste in Linux. Thanks to Eaglet for pointing out the MS formatting weirdness and I hope it is all good now. ;-)

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