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Ads that have EYES.

“How low, then, do you think most people would place a company that wanted to help advertisers learn more about you than you’d agreed to tell? That’s just what TruMedia Technologies, headquartered in Tampa, Fla., proudly claims to do with a facial recognition–based system it has developed for digital advertising screens in airports and malls. The system counts the looks an ad gets (thus TruMedia’s motto, “Every Face Counts”). It also measures how long each look lasts. Finally, it determines the viewer’s gender and fits him or her into one of three age groups. The point of it all is to display the right ad to any given viewer…

But the key difference is that here the participation is involuntary. TruMedia takes pride in its stealth technology, one that “does not require audience cooperation for measurement or for gathering demographics, thus providing true and unbiased information.” It sounds more like espionage than market research, and indeed, the company’s research division, based in Yehud, Israel, recruits many of its engineers from the Israeli government’s security agencies,” quoting Spectrum IEEE.

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I wonder what they're

I wonder what they're tracking in the bathrooms

Everyday, I say "Now I've seen everything"

Now I've seen everything. Wouldn't buy stock in 'em, given the chance the malls will be empty next year.