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Bulk Food Supplier List + Tips On How to Prepare

Nice list of sources for Emergency Preparedness Items.

Little Faith's Emergency Preparedness - part One.

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Great Site!! Prices very competitive.

You betcha we'll support patriots! Thanks for the link.




sprouting info added.



thanks for the


A close friend of mine

runs a large preparedness outlet called "Ready Made Resources".
He has a huge online catalog, and is very good for "one stop shopping".
The prices aren't always the very lowest, but are always competitive.
He'll work to get you your products, and in times of shortages, his 15 years in business and close ties with suppliers allows him to get things that other companies can't keep in stock.
It's very tough to beat his deals on solar power products, too. He'll work with you on bulk pricing, and will give system design help.

I know for a fact that he voted for Chuck Baldwin, and is very attuned to the RP movement.
This guy is part of our movement, and is a very good and experienced vendor in the preparedness industry.
Check out his website.

I know this is a plug for him, but if you are going to buy from somebody anyway, maybe buying from an RP supporter might be a good idea.

It is a nice web site


Buying from an RP supporter is a great idea!


for others.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.



Thanks for posting

Very good thread. I'm bookmarking this one for sure and will be checking all the links later. We are trying to get prepared. Got a good start so far. Thanks again.