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Namaste'! May our minds meet in the spaces between the words.

I see interesting links this morning: Pat Robertson's chat with his god, Isaac Newton's Codex at last being deciphered and damned if it doesn't point to 2012, too! I even see one post with Ron Paul's name in it. I see people "thankfully" dismissing Robertson as an NWO tool, I will look further into the Newton thing although a cursory glance has told me much, and I will get to Ron Paul in a minute. First I want to share something very empowering that happened last night.

I am fortunate enough to be married to a great man. He is humble and has no desire to be heralded in any way (although he would occasionally like to get credit for his efforts, which I do not consider a moral failing.) Over the course of nearly 30 years, he has picked me up from whatever tripped me last, lovingly dusted me off, and with true respect, helped me start walking MY path again. He has never tried to play himself off as my better half - we are equals, partners. He has rarely stumbled, and when he has I have tried to reciprocate but he has a pretty good internal gyroscope and rights himself quite handily. And so we have walked side by side for all these years, each on our own path and yet staying hand in hand along the way. we know how great our blessing is, trust me.

He was raised Jehovah's Witness, I was raised... a little weird church? cult? who is to say? that you have probably never heard of. The same one as the Gyllenhaals, if you are curious enough to research it. At any rate, we came into the marriage freshly burned by Christianity, and we began to seek truth honestly, with open hearts and what remained of child-like innocence. Over the years, we have studied, to varying depths, nearly every religion you can name and several you probably did not know existed. The only church we ever considered joining was the Ba'hai's and that quickly came undone when they told us the Council of 12 (or whatever it is called, it was 20 years ago!) WAS the "voice of God." If we were certain of ONE THING, it was that all humans are equal in the eyes of the Creator. The closest thing we ever took to a having a spiritual guide were the teachings of Don Juan according to Carlos Castaneda. With a strong emphasis on attaining eternal freedom through personal responsibility for our energetic bodies, it appealed to our little libertarian value system at a deep level. Many of the concepts have served as our "bedrock" over the years, and will continue to do so. Truth is truth, and truth is everywhere. Unfortunately, so are lies, so one must learn to discern truth more than find it. Several years ago Castaneda died in a hospital of cancer. A very ordinary death, after a career writing about a sorcerer'a ability to "burn from within" and escape traditional death. It was a bummer. I had hoped to find that he had disappeared one day! But I got on with my life and continued to use what was useful from those teachings. Even if the entire story is fiction, concepts can still be vaild.

Last night I got curious, wondered what a google of old Carlos would turn up. What it turned up was quite sad. There were "witches" who he wrote about, part of his little band. It turned out that right after he died, they went out and killed themselves. One body has been found and identified, 3 others remain missing. One "witch" is still alive but stays out of the public. And I have to know, there but for the grace of my husband... If I had really delved into those teachings, would I have been so devastated as to take my own life? The revelations got worse, too. Turns out he was a big pervert, and big perverts starting little religions smells of NWO to me, although I will not bother to look - it really does not matter. I never embraced him as a savior or even spiritual guide. When he died the death of an ordinary man, I was disappointed but not really surprised. Now I find he was actually doing real damage to real people, and I am gravely disappointed in HIM.

And so I come to Ron Paul. I want to continue to fight to be free. Right here in THIS afterlife. Yes, this LIFE that came AFTER billions of years of nothingness is the one I am MOST concerned with living well. (Thanks to Deek!) The entire notion that this life is to be spent suffering so you can enjoy whatever is behind door number 2... sorry, ludicrous to me. You are welcome to whatever pleases you. But somehow, some way, we must find a more meaningful connection than Ron Paul. I have been gravely disappointed by the CFL and by Dr. Paul himself. It is hard to watch something that I poured my heart and soul into drift away, but I know I have to let it go. Dr. Paul is human, the CFL is another political organization. If there is a human solution to this problem, it is in EVERY human taking responsibility for themselves. It will NEVER work for humans to find one human to put on a pedestal and follow. If you believe there is a political solution... um... were you at the RNC? Are you a Precinct Committee Person? Are you on a County and State Central Committee? We are. We do not idly throw stones, we are doing our best to report what we have found. That would be corruption at every level and a system that is completely controlled by the NWO. We do not mean to sound "negative" but we have found, through personal experience, that the political system is not going to allow us to have a meaningful impact. We also have noted that the people voted for socialism by an overwhelming majority, and we prefer to work with whatever situation we find rather than hope for miracles to change the situation.
I don't know why I am doing this, all of the sudden. I want you all to know that I believe in YOU. Each of you has awakened enough to show you are different from the herd. If the day comes when Ron Paul is outed as a big fat Masonic, Zionist, Bohemian Grove dancin' CFR member, it does not mean YOU were wrong. Ron Paul is human. He has been put WAYYYY up on a pedestal, and from those airy heights, humans tend to make spectacular falls. I hope Dr. Paul will not disappoint you all even to the degree he has disappointed me, but mostly I hope you all find your own path. You can hold Dr. Paul's hand, but if you insist on being led by him, what will you do when HE stumbles? Fall with him? Give up on everything he stood for, because you never learned to stand for it yourself? Will you drive to the desert and kill yourself because your leader died the death of an ordinary man?
I know many of you utilize spiritual advisers, many from traditional churches. I hope you will seriously heed this: Even if the man you turn to as your intermediary between you and our Creator is as solid a Ron Paul, he is a man and he is no more special to the Creator than you are. Furthermore, he was indoctrinated by people who are under the control of the NWO. Please do your homework about your church - they were all infiltrated LONG before we were born. Good people doing good things are used by the NWO every day in every way. Even Dr. Paul. If he falls from grace, will you be prepared to stand on your own?

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Another fantasic post!

We are so fortunate to have people like you here. Sometimes it's hard for people to keep pushing deeper, but sometimes just a few more hours of research one day makes all the difference in the world and changes lives. In my cousin's, new age church that he attends, he was telling me they have started doing Guitar Hero tournaments and having great fun. I had never played it when he told me about it, but have had the chance to since. It is far from church material. I have been astounded with the rise of the "mega-church" with all this as well.

Again, fantastic post!

It has always

been about the MESSAGE and now I understand. A well built building on four pillars, if one pillar falls the building remains standing. I believe Dr. Paul has given us the MESSAGE that will remain long after he and us are long gone.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.