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Seriously would like to hear any reasonable argument for presence of ETs

I read much of the article about the MJ-12 this morning, went dipping in the Philadelphia Experiment / Montauk rabbit hole yesterday. I find myself resoundingly skeptical. I will present my reasons for remaining a nonbeliever, but I am aware of (as noted in another post) I cannot see my own blind spots. I do try to seek out areas where I shut down automatically and probe extra hard there, and this is such an area.
I see many people who have seen lights in the sky. I am aware of a phenomenon called "virtual particles" that explains much of what I see on video. I know that the wealthy elite, since recorded history, have used magnets and shiny objects to play light tricks and convince the populace that they were in the presence of some god or magic or alien or something to fear and / or worship. I know the present day wealthy elite have access to holographic technology and fight and space technology they keep top secret so I won't claim to know what it might be. I know what they have, and so can be pretty sure it is better than what I know about. I have never seen any youtube that could not be explained as a lovely fearmongering holographic or aeronautic display.
Much of the above applies. I have seen many people testify to sightings and even abductions and I believe that many of them believe what they are saying with all their heart. I also understand what is possible with good old fashioned hypnosis, let alone readily available mind-altering equipment like binaural beats, neurofeedback and brainwave entrainment. Again, these are technologies you and I can go buy, what they are keeping secret must be quite interesting. Toss in what you can do with the pharmaceutical industry's assistance, and you can convince just about anybody of anything, at least once.
I grew up outside Cincinnati, and it was "common knowledge" there was an alien ship in Dayton (at Wright Pat AFB) when I was a kid. I find that fascinating now. Who and how did that get started?!
The Bielak guy, he looks sincere enough, but nothing he says makes my world make MORE sense. That is what I found about Ron Paul, and all the rabbit holes that seem to "pan out." When a new concept explains what is before me in a more logical way than what I have held as true, I give it more than a fair shake. So if you really believe you have evidence that will make me see the world anew, I am here, open to learning a new truth. If you can explain to me how the presence of aliens makes anything make more sense, I am all ears (OK, eyes.)

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