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Ron Paul Supporters Stage Internet Coup Today

Say what you want about Ron Paul and his legion of tech-savvy supporters, but they do make the Republican party a whole lot more interesting to watch. Case in point? As Politico's Ben Stein reports, Paul-ites (the most commonly used term to describe Paul's followers) have recently flocked to a Digg-like webstie set up by the RNC and flooded it with questions for the debate between candidates for the Chairmanship of that distinguished, if not slightly demoralized, body.

The implicit promise made at Americans for Tax Reform is that you, the public, will be allowed to submit questions to be asked of those contestants vying to be the next head of the RNC, and vote on those posed by fellow citizens. The questions with the highest number of votes, the theory goes, will be put to the candidates today at 1pm, when a debate is held at the National Press Club.

So go on, vote! There's still a few hours left. The top-ranking question will give you an idea of what fun it all could be:

1. In light of the success of the Ron Paul presidential campaign attracting large numbers of a young activists to the conservative cause, what specifically will you do to ensure they become Republican?

Why not just ask, when are you gonna realize that Ron Paul is the only possible savior for the party and dump all those other losers? Well, ask a silly question...

But kudos to the Paul crowd for swarming the internets once again and making otherwise dreadfully boring events like the RNC debate something worth watching.

Source: http://news.aol.com/political-machine/2009/01/05/ron-paul-su...

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1:00 PM Monday, Jan 5, 2009

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