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New Kissinger NWO : New World Order & Obama Worship

Kissinger says an Obama presidency is a great opportunity to set up a New World Order.

Kissinger was part of Nixon cover up as well. Get Ready folks they are going to push this through sooner than later.


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Word Strait From Hell

He is the spokeperson for the devil him self.

The audacity ...

and not of "hope"! Really, for me it is new in-your-face evidence that speaks for itself. They can keep opening their traps; and the more they do, the more we can prove to the awakening world what really is going on and that the NWO is not a conspiracy theory. THX, Henry Kiss my a$$; you're just making it easier to "out" you both!

Still a "conspiracy therory"???

How many times are these people going to openly declare their agenda is the New World Order, before people will believe them. I know I'm preachin' to the choir, but really, he is flat out saying "Obama == New World Order"! He is saying Obama is bringing the socialist NWO on the floor of the one place that should represent free market capitalism, and no one gives a flying crap. Great. Oh, I forget, all those brokers are making an obscene amount of money on the fraudulent system set up by the Federal Reserve.

Kissinger. Is he going to live to 200, or what? Of all the good people in the world who have met their demise early with a slip & fall in the shower, why is he too good for that? It would give him the opportunity to be reincarnated into the roach he is destined to be.