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The Game of Politics

What Makes a Candidate Qualified For Office?

The latest political debate is Carolyn Kennedy’s qualifications for serving in the Senate to fill Hillary Clinton’s seat in New York. Is she qualified to serve? Are you fascinated by this, or do you care? Quite frankly it makes little difference to me.

Why? Because the only candidates qualified to serve me are the ones who truly represent me? It seems the media wants us to believe that it takes someone who already has experience, to be qualified to represent us (or pretend to). They expect us to believe that in order to qualify to represent us the candidate must be an insider already, and have lots of experience, however they must also look like an outsider, willing to stand up for the people. It’s all a game.

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I noticed a couple

of Kennedy's to day on tv. I think they are like PR name recognition, Ford,
Hershey's. To be honest they don't look like they even want to be in the lime light I wonder if they are being forced. I could see some of these people being TOLD what to do against their will. They know what they are dealing with.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."