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Choreographic Propoganda

I was flippin thru the MSM's various propoganda outlets gathering up their plans and deciphering their spin when I came upon an interview on Faux... It was conveniently placed before and after an episode of Geraldo that supposedly debated the Gaza issue. The interview I saw was a bit different than this one but the point is clear... It is ok to leave Islam.... Plain and simple. To me it was just more Zionist propoganda and quite disturbing to see how blatant the MSM has become over the years. The video I saw is different from the one posted below. But you get the idea.

I just think that the choreography of the propoganda is quite good. Israel attacks Hamas.... Faux has a special on converting to CHristianity a few days later... Brilliant.... Then add in the new Homeland Security, USA series coming up and you have a wonderful script being played out before your eyes.


In addition,

In the Geraldo special they had an interview, by phone, with a Palestinian Rep. During that interview they put video up of people burning Israeli flags and Hamas soldiers marching in the streets... All of which is ok.... But what really caught me was the fact that they kept the AUDIO from those clips ON AS THE LADY WAS BEING INTERVIEWED! To the point where I could not here what she was saying....

I had to end my research there.... I was getting way to upset at that point.

If anyone has that interview please post it here.


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