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ABC NEWS desperate to ignore Homeland Security blimp, claims UFO over Salt Lake City

ABC NEWS reports a Homeland Security blimp over the skies of Salt Lake City, Utah. Except their anchorman actor who reads the script suggest it could be a “rocket, a blimp, a UFO?”

ABC’s talking head then claims that Salt Lake City air traffic control did not pick up Homeland Security surveillance blimp on radar and knew nothing about it. Nice Sergent Schultz act but are we to believe that local radar(s) did not pick up an aircraft clearly visible by the naked eye and the size of a city block?

This project has been mentioned in various blogs over the last couple of years while still in planning and developmental stages. In 2005 Brock Meeks of MSNBC wrote an article called, Eyes in the sky’ for homeland security. And the popular tech blog Engadget wrote a year ago about Lockheed Martins contract to build Homeland Security a high altitude airship that could stay in orbit for days equipped with high tech surveillance gear.

The airship in the video which is clearly a blimp and not the alien UFO the propagandist at ABC NEWS would like some to think is actually the unmanned remote control surveillance blimp built by Lockheed Martin under one of many multimillion dollar contracts provided by Congress for Command and Control functions over the military district known as NorthCom. For you uninformed civilians still relying on ABC NEWS NorthCom is The United States of America.

Didn’t know you lived in a military district? Well, as Gomer Pyle would say Surprise..Surprise!

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Don't you know?

The way that the government keeps US safe is by extorting your money from you for use in lavishing huge contracts on their weapons suppliers to manufacture surveillance technologies to pry into every detail of your life.

That looked like a really

That looked like a really obvious rendering. What's wrong with you?
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UFO= Unidentified flying object

not necessarily alien spacecraft.

was that an official photo?

was that an official photo?

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when I was a kid

I was told that blimps do not appear on radar. Is that true? this story would seem to suggest so.

They have stealth blimps that are wedge shaped and silent

I don't know if radar cannot see them, but I don't think it matters for their main purpose, which is surveillance and command and control.

IE watching you in your backyard where you are burying a gun cache and meeting with potential militia members.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:


The size, material, and curved shape of a blimp would make it especially easy for RADAR to "see". It is the antithesis of stealth.

Believe it or not...

...Of course the radar does see the object in the literal sense, but If the object is moving slow enough, or not moving at all, most radars may infact automatically process it out as "Clutter" thinking its a cloud, and they may actually be telling the truth saying they haven't seen it electronically even though it is blatenly obvious to the naked eye.

Helicopters moving slow enough do the same thing...even though are built like an iron tank giving off plenty of radar cross-section. Because they are slow, the radar operator may have the radar manipulated to process out such objects resembling slow moving clouds....all in effort to appease the higher-ups who demand nothing less than a prestine crystal clear radar picture with minimal clutter.

Did someone say blimp?

You'd think we would know alot about blimps on a Ron Paul web site...lol.