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Obama's "refundable tax credits" are basically welfare checks

It now looks like half of President-elect Barack Obama's stimulus package will take the form of "tax cuts" for 95 percent of all Americans. Yet this wouldn't boost the economy as much as trigger a massive, unhealthy shift in American politics.

Under Obama's plan, the majority of American voters would pay no federal income taxes but would get money from the government instead. That is, these "refundable tax credits" are basically welfare checks — and Obama's plan would leave the most of us collecting, not paying.


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This is how he assures his

This is how he assures his re-election and Democrat dominance for decades to come. We we will be under Mob rule within 4 years.

Those who

want to be "looked after" might like it. This is not the spirit of America, but something totally different. It does not fit with the land of the proud and free.

I work in an industry that

I work in an industry that allows me to gauge the opinions of a lot of lower-middle class individuals, and let me tell you...people are more than willing to let mother government take care of them so long as they don't have to pay for it directly. More than that, they DEMAND that the government pay their medical bills, and if they don't "go talk to the GD Federal Government because they didn't pay them for me." Things like that.


That plan has one good

That plan has one good feature -- it should bring them down faster. The more of a shock it is when the nation goes under, the better our chance of awakening the sheeple and getting their support.





This is exactly what he

This is exactly what he outlined in his campaign and our feeble nation voted for him. Obama is a devout socialist...he doesn't even try to hide it.