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Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage

Rare footage from the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing that reveals that there were 3 explosive devices planted INSIDE the building. How did Timothy McVeigh pull that one off?

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thank you

You have liberated me a bit more today. While I did not believe the official story, I did not know the truth this video reveals.
This is why I am always drawn back to this site.
Why I can't STFU once I get here remains a mystery. :)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Sophisticated ?

Since when is fertilizer a "sophisticated device"?

Regarding Palin: I believe we are watching in real time the rise of the third party, which will be controlled by the powers that be from its' inception.

Next Scam: "Cash For Cash"



what I was thinking!


my goodness! i never knew there were bombs inside. that wasnt they case they brought before the public was it? if they did i dont remember it.

Yes, and they called Ron Paul a nut too! Talk about RIDICULOUS!

New math!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!