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The Dangers of "Incremental Drift"!

"Incremental Drift" - And the dangers therein!

As we DP's continue to become aware of the tactics of manipulation that are being perpetuated on the American people, we would do well to be on the look-out for Incremental Drift". "Incremental Drift" is a change that takes place so gradually, over a long period of time that it's gradualness makes it's occurrence almost non-detectable. Here are three examples.

Fifty years ago, the primary goal of education was to produce a well rounded education for the masses that included the traditional subjects of math, science, English and history - with a little bit of athletics thrown in for extra-curricular fun. However, if you look at total expenditures per subject today you will find that our schools, through incremental drift, have become to a large extent, professional training grounds for professional sports!

TV Advertising:
Fifty years ago advertising was restricted to approximately 20% of content. However, today if you can count it up, it amounts to almost 50% - Incremental Drift!

Federal Reserve:
Fifty years ago, this body was restricted to a subservient role of working with congress in setting monetary policy. However today, it has become not only an equal branch of government, but the dominant branch of government that acts autonomously without consulting the people's represenatives at all - Incremental drift.

While many changes are naturally occurring events that take place without malice or intent, the unintended consequences of incremental drift can be dangerous. Certainly astute people who seek awareness of social trends and how they affect current and future generations would do well to remain constantly aware of the dangers of Incremental Drift, especially when it is being engineered by those who do not have our well being in mind!

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