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Can someone please explain to me

how the PPT works? How do they do the job of making the DOW go up when it should go down? Even to my woefully untrained eye, it is obvious that when I watch it, the movements during most days seem very unnatural. I KNOW SOMEthing is being manipulated, but I don't know how?

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Some Information Regarding Your Question

Hi Truthy,

I just finished reading "Web of Debt" by Ellen Brown and she explains the function of the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) as well as the CRMPG (Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group).

Essentially, the PPT is a rhetorical acronym for the President's Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM). It is an organization that been part of the Administration bureaucracy since the Reagan years. It uses Treasury dollars to purchase financial index futures to try and influence the stock market in a corrective direction to make it appear stable during tumultuous days where heavy buying or selling occurs.

CRMPG is an organization of New York Banks and a large investment consortium designed to shore up financial institutions that face insolvency due to speculative derivatives investments such as: ABS, MBS, CDO, CMO, SIV, etc.).

Both of these stealth entities heavily influence the "free" market to advance the agenda of various special interest groups (i.e., banks and global money lenders).

Although I don't agree with the solutions offered by Ms. Brown in her book (they have socialistic underpinnings in my opinion) she has done a very credible job of explaining the history of the Federal Reserve and how it and other global central banks enslave governments by controlling the expansion and contraction of their respective nation's currencies via debt creation.

Madoff ran the markets for years

What makes you think the money is really there, just like with the bankers?

We really don't know because not everyone has taken it out.

Most of it is psychological, plus rich people have so much money they start to only care about power.

So they will order the plunge protection team to dump billions of dollars into the market (this was on cnbc) to stabilize it.

Citizens of the USA are footing the bill, we just never hear about (remember the FED will not release who it is giving money too --- now imagine something hidden at a top secret level).

I think there is still money in there, but until people start taking it out (aka a bank run on walstreet) we know how much is really there.

A good example is that mervyn's for instance is denying employee's the ability to get any money out of their 401k until april and then they are limiting how much you can take out and making all of these giant deductions.

It's like social security or medicare -- there is no money actually there -- it was all stolen and spent.

All the gov/fed has to do is create hyperinflation/etc to hide this when the time comes.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
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Well, I will take a shot

but I am FAR from an expert.
The only real money left in the market is the 401K's and such of the sleeple. They can make a few phone calls and create big volume on big swings by getting all the investment fund people to use the people's money to "react" to whatever news was just released. The poor hapless traders "on the floor" who actually believe the lie they are part of, dutifully respond and start making their little "buy" and "sell" orders to keep up with the emerging trends.
Clear as mud? That is about the best I can do.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

This is a genuine question.

I know there are people on DP who understand this stuff. I don't doubt for a minute that it's being done. The question I have is HOW do they do it? How does it work?