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Amazing electronic gadget revealed at CES in Vegas. (Great example of how freedom works.)

I always tell people that the reason why the technology sector keeps pumping out better and less expensive electronic gadgets to more and more people is because the politicians stay out of the way.

Check out this incredible gadget:

Videos about the gadget.


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In the second video the guy says that it's 10 lumins...

I have a 1000 lumin projector,and if the room has any ambient light whatsoever the picture gets washed out. I wonder how this will work?

That was a neat

little device. Human capabilities...imagine what would be if time didn't have to be used fighting 'the dark"...

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"Barack Obama of electronics..."

I agree. It's useless, overpriced and over-hyped.
It answers questions that were never asked and doesn't answer any real questions.
It makes you, if possible, even less productive.
It is another electronic 'shiny thing' to stare at for unending hours.
It keeps you distracted and unfocused.
It steals possibly the last refuges of peace and quiet and tranquility in return for mindless, meaningless entertainment.
Yup, sounds like the 'Obama of electronic devices'...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I'd invest in that thing :)

it has a lot of possibilities.

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

We are so ignorant and brilliant at the same time

This is a fantastic step in personal electronics.
The bathroom isn't just for reading anymore. LOL

energy savings alone would make it worth the investment.
300 bucks for a complete unit, and 60 bucks to integrate into other devices.
Really nice pricepoints, and it's not even marketed yet.

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" The bathroom isn't just

" The bathroom isn't just for reading anymore". Funny line.

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thanks sean57

cool!! bump