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"Ron Paul: People Got To Be Free" and a new vote

Based on your votes. See it here:


So I like the idea of a weekly poll. Here are the choices based on your recommendations:

"Higher Ground" By Stevie Wonder

"Bring Em Home" By Bruce Springsteen

"Wind Of Change" By The Scorpions

"The Revolution" By Chris de Burgh

"Something Happening Here" By Buffalo Springfield

"Times They Are A Changing" By Bob Dylan

and for Flying Comic

"Freedom of Choice" By DEVO

If you still like another song. Nominate it for next week

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Revolution by De Burgh

Your link doesn't work. I think you definitely should pick this song. Listen to the words. Very appropriate.

Thanks :)

I still vote "Freedom of Choice."

As a bonus, Ron Paul is all about DEVOlution of power. ;)


Good job with everything, guess I'll stop whining now..LOL

Another Thought

"Long Haired Country Boy" By Charlie Daniels

I don't know about you, but this short haired city boy thinks this sums it up pretty well.

All you people who voted for the rascals. I made the video and it is off to an incredibly slow start. go check it out.

Bring Em Home

Still my vote

http://www.jimmyliberty.com loves Ron Paul

Well it is winning so far

Well it is winning so far