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Ban Bottled Water!!!!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention...

I just wanted to tell everyone about a recent experience that I had.

I recently met someone who invited me to a political event, and I decided to go, even though I don't usually attend those sorts of things.

A lady named Maud Barlow was speaking about why water needs to be a "human right" instead of a "commodity", and she also stressed the need to ban bottled water.

Maud Barlow is an international water expert, who is associated with the United Nations.

I sat and listened to the propaganda, while all the sheeple clapped for their hero, and it made me feel absolutely miserable.

Come question time, I decided that I really had to ask some questions that would hopefully make everyone realize what complete idiots that they were, and I also happened to be the first person to get to ask a question (I was sitting absolute front and center).

Question 1: "If a private company wants to sell me bottled water without fluoride, can you or anyone else on this panel please explain to me why I should instead use fluoridated water from the city, and feed my child poison?"

Moderator: "Uh....I think we're gonna change the format...yeah, we're gonna go around and ask a few questions, and then the panel will take notes and respond all at once..."

Me: "Don't you think that's out of form"?

Eventual answer from Maud: "Fluoride is a matter of debate that we recognize, blah blah blah..."

Question 2: "If water is going to be a "human right", as opposed to a "commodity", what branch of government will be responsible for controlling that? Will it be provincial? (I'm in Canada), Federal? And if this involves the United Nations, will it become a matter of international law? I have been reading about a United Nations law called Codex Alimentarious, and it places severe restrictions on vitamins and minerals globally...so why should we trust the United Nations with our water? Should we just have water be controlled locally, so that we as a community can have more of an influence?

Eventual answer from Maud: "Some countries that have adopted this have amended their constitution....not "international law"...a "covenant"....we are not imposing anything....we support local control....

Me: "What about Codex?"

Maud: "There are problems at UN, I admit...I can't control that...they are very close with big water companies...."

Me: "Is China doing a good job?

(shocked look on entire panel, and gasps from audience)

Maud: "This isn't a two way conversation."

Moderator: "Can we get some questions from someone who didn't ask any yet?

Question 3: "If you acknowledge that fluoride is an issue, then why do you constantly champion "pure wonderful drinking water" from your local government utility? Are you perhaps lobbyists for water bureaucrats? Is that your role?

Maud: Doesn't bother to answer that one.

All in all I had a great time disrupting the entire communist beauty pageant and making all of the bolsheviks hate me. I strongly recommend that you all try it some time.

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We need bottled drinking water where I live

I am on an island in the western Pacific. The local drinking water has too much salt content to be safe; plus the added chlorine doesn't help the taste.

There are some good companies that use reverse osmosis to provide very good drinking water. A 5 gallon jug, delivered, costs $2.50.

It's pretty hot here and most people carry water bottles also.

I liked your questions. They reminded me of advice that Albert Einstein gave to a young student: "Agitate, agitate!"

Since we drink pure well water,

the first and only plastic bottled water I drank was appalling! In the last third of the bottle I could taste the plastic and threw the bottle in the trash. We carry our own well water in glass bottles. Two people where I work have relatives who died of brain tumors that contained plastic when biopsied.

Good for you

Most plastic bottles do not leach plastic into the water. There may be some risk if the water (or other beverage) is allowed to get warm, or if the bottle is reused.

Plastic contamination is highest in contact with oils or fats, which act as a magnet to the plastic. This could be gravies or sauces stored in plastic containers; meat or cheese of any kind wrapped with plastic. Even plastic toys can be dangerous, as well as plastic utensils.

Plastic *anything* should be avoided when it comes to food and beverages. This is also true of plastic used in microwave ovens, which also pose health risks.

You probably know all this, but there may be one or two readers who do hot.

What to drink then ?

Bottled water is harmfull because of the plastic ?

If tap water is bad, bottled water too, what can I do to drink water then ?
What do you do ?

I think most of the bottled water

is tap water so it does contain flouride.

Sounds like

they should all try drinking some bottled water. What the heck was up with that? Although i can see the government requiring bottled water to contain flouride in the future. :(