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False Flags

I don't know what it is. I just can't get my brain to accept the concept that 9-11 was an inside job. The same goes for the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor. As I read into the facts I get turned off and go on to another subject. Is this just a defense mechanism? What am I afraid of? I was two blocks away on 9-11 and maybe I really just don't want to believe our "leaders" could be so cold-blooded and machiavellian. Or more likely I just don't know where the realization will take me, I could just go completely off the deep end. I already feel like I'm only a couple of steps away from becoming Howard Hughes. Also, if you even mention the possibility to most people they roll their eyes and stop listening to everything else you have to say.
Occam's razor says that the simplest explanation is usually the best one. When I just think about the timing, the resulting legislation, and all the debt, war and governmental power that resulted it seems the logical conclusion is that it was all planned. Leading into 9-11 we looked like we were heading into financial meltdown (not as severe as this one) and somehow this event told everyone that we all should do our patriotic duty and go shopping and buy houses we can't afford while the government runs huge deficits fighting imaginary wars. Then the investigation, what a farce.
It probably sounds like I already believe it, but while all signs point to it, somewhere deep down I disallow it. Do I seek truth? Or should I stick to the plan of informing people how our monetary/financial system is our downfall. They are much more receptive to that anyway.

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Guns: You are doing some heavy duty soul searching....

I read your pain. I feel the same way.
I don't want to believe it, but have been forced to by the overwhelming evidence. Add to the False Flags, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident resulting in 60k deaths in Vietnam, Remember the Maine, and the Kennedy Assasination. Are we the "Good Guys?"
I love this country, but I don't love what we have done or what we are now doing. How can what is happening BE happening here in America? I keep telling myself that I must be dreaming (as I buy more GoldandGuns...you have a great handle).
Stay strong.

I don’t think about it.

…Just keep pressing on. …Set distractions aside. Much easier said than done I know. But we humans come with an incredible feature called self discipline. I call upon that wonderful God-given ability often. Most do not.

We have to be men and women of character, people. We can't allow our emotions to toss us around if we're to serve the general population—and our Republic—well. When all is said and done, isn't that our objective?

Speculation is one thing; determination is another. I vote for determination. When you are over speculating, you're on shifty ground.

Consider this a call for reason. I see far too many calls for panic around here. Panic brings on confusion, confusion brings on weakness. That's how we got here.

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa
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no one wants to think that

no one wants to think that we have treasonous pricks running our country! the USA is supposed to be different.. we are supposed to be the good guy who shoots straight and wears white! do this for me.. look up Richard Maybury..
www.chaostan.com buy his book the 1000 year war. read that book.. it will open your eyes! Maybury and Ron Paul are great friends..

all his books.... http://chaostan.com/ericA.html
December ewr bulletin.. http://chaostan.com/bulletin-122208.html

this guy helps you understand what is going on without all the PANIC!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain



Is this Morse Code?


I remember the day I realized

9/11 was a fraud. I had been reading lewrockwell.com, and specifically was reading karen kwiatkowski. She mentioned wt7, I followed the trail and before long I was 5 hours into investigating the common links. I was so out of my mind, I think my bp must have been 200/150. I walked outside and wandered around the yard just trying to calm down. I spoke to my brother, a longtime defense industry guy, and he told me what I knew was real. It took days to come down from that. It was hard, but truth IS hard sometimes. Over the years, i did further investigation, and I know what I know now, outsiders think I'm nuts until they see the reality as well. but they are all coming around. My husband was deep into republican GWB bullshit. He has his eyes wide open now too. It's just a matter of turning off the bullshit.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

So now what?

How can I continue to go to downtown Manhattan everyday. They did it once, why not again. They could blame the banking collapse on the next one.

You already know the truth. You just don't like it.

The good news is, the same culprits you're used to dealing with are the culprits on this one as well.

I don't think you're far from most people. It was perpetrated right before their eyes and they all know the story never made much sense.

The trick is getting past the sense that the true "leaders" as you call them see you and I as human beings. They truly don't. The term "sheeple" didn't originate in the freedom movement.

Unlike many things, I think 9-11 truth holds no responsibility. I other words, I have always felt compelled to educate everyone I meet about the Fed and the fact that we are controlled by a small group of elitists, AND--I have always know 9-11 was a 'inside job" but have never really felt arguing about it was healthy or much good for my reputation.

My brother

My brother rolled his eyes at me today. Very frustrating.

I've heard this a lot.

If it's any consolation, you aren't the only one who feels that way.

The first key to wisdom is knowing what you don't know. However, the double-edged sword is that what you don't know sparks assumption and lack of perspective. The trick is to balance it all out- something I have yet to see on this forum.

I'm sure I'll catch hell on what I'm about to say, but to be honest, I could give a damn less who did what on 9/11. What DOES concern me is the chain of events that succeeded it, such as the loss of freedoms, the underhanded legislation and so on. That is far more alarming to me than how a couple of buildings got destroyed.

All too often, it seems that most people are getting caught up over pointing fingers without keeping in mind the broader picture and the potential consequences. It doesn't matter who carried out the hit on the towers- let the truthers seek glory and play Columbo and solve the big case. I have my own questions about the event, but they are irrelevant. What is relevant to me is the precedents the event itself set and what has transpired as a result. The long term damage this has created on our freedom and the country in general far outweighs the incident itself.

It seems to me that people have their priorities mixed up. Yes, the towers was a tragedy. But does it make any sense to find who to blame for it now when everything it has set in motion is going to be the actual virus that kills you while you sit and try to mull over the evidence?

In time, I have faith that the answers will be found. I do not think that now is the time to be looking for them as we have much bigger problems to worry about, and if they are not dealt with first, no one will have the chance to get the answers they seek for 9/11. I get the impression that this has become a strictly emotional cause seeking closure (and maybe a little glory) rather than a rational or strategic concern.

Going after the symptom and not the cause

9/11 was the cause. . . .

It must be exposed for what it was ( a false flag op).

They are trying to manipulate by saying "the enemy is at the gates".
But the REAL enemy needs to be exposed and eradicated, otherwise we will never heal as a nation.
They need to scatter like cockroaches from the light, and the light needs to stay on all the time.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Your "Cypher" moment...

We all sit and remember what life was like before we had our eyes pried open. I think it is ingrained in us from birth to seek out the path of least resistance. What we are doing now, what you are doing, is completely against your own logic... you are questioning the unquestionable. You are looking for explanations of things you were previously sure of. Once that happens, dominoes start tumbling... taboos become commonplace... you see the lie in everything. It can be very uncomfortable.

So have no fear... like Cypher in the Matrix... he regretted ever taking the red pill.. but he turned out to have a weak character which ruined him in the end.

The goal is to be able to deduce the truth from the lies we are told. That is the power we possess and the reason the PTB hate and fear us.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Other subjects were much easier.

The financial conspiracies, the assaults on our personal liberties and the the racism of the war on drugs were very easy for me to accept. If 9-11 was done by our gov't then the fact that I was right nearby means they actually tried to kill me. If that is the fact then don't I have the right, even the duty, to strike back. This is the deep end I fear going over, I have a family to provide for.