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Anyone else catch Jay Leno with Tony Blairs exwife?

I was just overhearing Jay Leno tonight while making some ramen in the kitchen. He had a ton of burns on the government as usual in his monologue, very well done though. But what really got my attention was during the first segment of his interview with Tony Blair's former wife, it goes something like this:

Jay: (Pointing out her country's actions in reference to DC) "Ya know, your folks burn that city down...back in 1812."

Her: "Oh yes, well the 200th anniversary is coming up."

Jay: (off the cuff) "Well, maybe we should burn it down again!"

The whole crowd had that awkard hiss/laugh like "ohhhhh you sooo went there...but that was sooo awesome!"

I hope someone can you throw a link up.

It was great entertainment especially for this being my last night Stateside for the foreseeable future. Armed with my newly prized degree, I'm heading back to China. Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff have convinced me that continuing study in mandarin is a good investment. I also wanted to just give a general thanks to everyone in the DP community who contribute regularly. Its almost not fair, how much great information comes my way now because of this site. I'm constantly passing "fun facts" on current events along to friends and family. There is always someone asking where I learn this stuff, and the answer is always the same...dailypaul.com

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I would of liked to of seen that one, I hope some one can get it up and running on youtube.