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Time is running out....

Does anyone else have this feeling? Like everything is about to get much worse....

There's no escaping it either... all we can do is prepare for the worst and then watch it happen. I just hope my observation post will be safe enough and the people I care about will be kept out of harm's way.

I just hope that the economic conditions keep international issues on the back burner. I don't even want to think about the problems the economic crisis could cause for foreign affairs. War on top of already tough times would be unbearable.

Hopefully the night won't be too long... I honestly am not expecting any hope/good news until 2012. But of course, this will be the most important time for us to become active.... otherwise we can't expect any dawn, especially not as soon as 2012.

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On target

I recently moved from the Mailand U.S.A. to an island - also a U.S. territory - in the western Pacific ocean. For one thing I lived in a northeast state and the winters are fierce, but this year is especially bad. I read about it last summer in The Farmer's Almanac. I belived them. They are rarely wrong. I told a friend and he scoffed. He is probably buried in snow as I write this.

Last July I sold all my stock and put it in the bank. I would have lost 35% if not more. So I am OK.

When I posted about this (in "A Mess") I got responses of two kinds. Those who thought I was running from a fight, and those who had also moved out. To those who thought I was running from a fight, I replied, "Maybe, but I turned 21 in 1968 and had fight then. I have no fight left. Plus, I am not good at it. I want to live peacefully and quietly, without turmoil. I think I have that right." I am still on U.S. soil, but just far away from the likelihood of FEMA camps and riots. I have had my fill of that stuff.

Things are going to get very bad. My pre-flight info was a combination of Alex Jones stories, and his guests, and reading THE MAYAN CALENDAR AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Carl Josef Calleman. I didn't know beans about the Mayan calendar, but after reading this book, I see that it has never missed. 2012 will be fine, but the period leading up to that will be dark, a mess, and scary.

One guy wrote to say, "We need you! You can reload rifles and help to make bandages!" As if the next war will be with muskets. The fight is not against troops, but agains the dollar's devaluation, against growing unemployment, against the government's eventual takeover of just about everything.

It is bad where I am also. The Dept of Homeland Security has made its weight known. Whether I am safer here or there is a toss-up. But I do know one thing: no more winter where I am. This matters.

Best of luck, and survival, to all.


you don't by chance need a grounds keeper do you? I've been saying for weeks how I wish I was on an island again.

Don't get lost in fear; that's exactly what they want

Greetings everyone!

I'm looking the situation from a European perspective, and I absolutely agree that there's lot's of stuff going on right now. The pace is really fast, and it feels almost impossible to hang on.

In my opinion, it's extremely important to stay positive no matter what is going to come. I don't mean anything like "keep smiling even your legs are being fed to the sharks", but rather that we should not forget our own power or what we can do with it! There is nothing we can't handle. There are no masters, all of what is comes from within us. Therefore, we always have the chance to make this world whatever we want, whenever we want. It's not just a lame old saying, it's a fact.

The mankind has been living in a world of illusions for ages, and now is the time to wake up. This process is happening all around the world, on all areas of life: politics, economy, spirituality etc. I can tell you that even here in Finland, a small and remote country, incredible number of people have "awakened" -- and very many of them very recently. They see through all this political and economical scam, through religious and other beliefs -- and most importantly, these people have no other choice or will but to act out of unconditional love. They want nothing else but peace for everyone.

If this sounds hippyish, it's the wrong impression. It has nothing to do with anything that people are accustomed to, and you can't really understand it until you're already feeling and living it. And this is what seems to be happening all around the world right now: more and more people are getting connected with the deepest parts of themselves, which radically transforms them -- sometimes in a matter of just few minutes, which is what happened to me two years ago.

Despite all the worrying things, here's a huge burst of positive energy in the air! It is up to us what comes of this "crisis". Part of the reason why "the men behind the curtain" want to keep us in fear is that fear separates us from understanding the power we have, and keeps our focus in all things negative. Therefore we must not give in to fear, but trust each other, help each other, and work all this out together.

Take care!

- Jyri

Remeber to take time to envision something better

Do not let the fear have all of your time, and I don't mean to start everybody's ego about being brave and all. I mean just take a few minutes and consider that it CAN be about to get really good. Maybe the whole show is on the brink, and the last wisp of smoke is about to clear, and true liberty is about to bust losse. Prepare for the worst, but leave room for the best.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Here's the timeline as I see it.

We'll see how these predictions turn out.

1. Shipping from the far east drops to zero. This has already happened in Britain.

2. Investors flee the housing and stock markets to invest in the "safe haven" of government bonds. This is happening right now.

3. Investors who have bought government bonds realise that this is the mother of all ponzi schemes. The bond holders cash out. Central banks are forced to print vast sums of money to cover this.

4. The gold/silver price rockets. Commodity prices in general rise sharply. Private banks become more liquid as the newly created cash is deposited.

5. The government prints cash to cover day-to-day expenditure. Price rises are far less at this point than people might expect. Bank balances climb. Many pundits believe the economy has turned the corner!

6. As real assets and production are in decline, people start to realise that wads of cash and big bank balances mean very little if you cannot buy anything with them.

7. Hyperinflation sets in around 2010.

"That Socialism would be immediately practicable if an omnipotent and omniscient Deity were personally to descend to take in hand the government of human affairs is incontestable." - Ludwig Von Mises.

I believe you are right!

The only way I handle it is to make a few purchases each day to get ready for the calamity, whatever it is.


Interesting that the U.S. presidential election cycle is in unison with the 26,000 year galactic plane crossing. The Judeaou-Christian calendars have lead us astray as to the true universal constant.


Hahahahahah! Of course, you


Of course, you were their for the one that happened 26,000 years ago, right?

Astronomy is funny?

Many cultures that predated Judeao-Christian time had this understanding. Today even our scientists understand the gravitational field caused by the black hole at the center of the Milky-Way galaxy. It is what maintains the flat spiral shape of the Milky-Way. Every-26,000 years our solar system crosses that plane like particles flowing through a wave..

Does this make more sense?

Were their ?

Baby, school is free.

We live in very interesting times....

"May you never live in interesting times" - My favorite Chinese proverb

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Yes, but you got it wrong

It is, "May you live in interesting times."

Homework is useful.

"... and come to the

"... and come to the attention of people in high places."

And I hear it's not actually a Chinese curse, but something from a fiction book CLAIMING it to be a Chinese curse. (Time to check Snopes.com)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Everything seems to be

happening so fast right now.

My Blog

My Blog

It Is

Israel will definitely not stop their aggression this time. They will hit Iran maybe as soon as this Friday. I also am worried about false flags here that will "justify" U.S. retaliation. Good luck everyone. Stand firm and never surrender your freedoms. Peace

Fictional scenario

Current administration away from DC on inauguration day. Prior to oath of office, DC nuked killing pres elect and all appointees, as well as millions of worshipers.

Current administration still in force and find Iranian connection. They remain in power and attack Iran alongside Israel. Russia sides with Iran, EU sides with us. Iran launches nukes at Iraq and Israel. Israel retaliates. India and China in path of fallout. They get pissed and pick a side.

Meanwhile at home, riots erupt over loss of pres elect and destruction of economy after DC nuke and martial law is enacted for national security. Draft is imposed to bolster losses sustained in middle east.

National ID is implemented to prevent the enemy from operating in the US. Interstate travel is limited to necessary purposes only. Food and other goods are vital to national security and priority is given to military and government uses first with rationing for the rest of the public.

Then things get bad...

Do you listen to MUSE?

"time is running out" is the title of one of their songs. They are the only "mainsteam band" that I know of that is Anti-NWO. Check 'em out. Here's the video of their song, to go with your thread. Peace!


"Whether you listen to the left side of congress' mouth or the rightside, either way it's the same mouth"

What a great

video. Thanks for sharing.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

A wise man told me....

that tough economic times are a perfect time for war. This is an 80 some year old preacher who I deal with through my work on a regular basis, and he himself as a young man going through the great depression, the war came along, everyone was happy because you could get a good paying job in the military. People were eager to sign up for good pay. It's a perfect time to start wars he said, and the govt knows it.

He can't believe he was so blind as a young man to fall for it, but he's seen young people fall for it time and time again since then.

My thoughts exactly

Great way to thin out the population as well. 30,000 new troops in Afganistan might be enough to get the party started.

I think Israel

will escalate the war and this will be the big challenge that BO will face January 21 to take sides and get in deeper.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

reedr3v's picture

I think Obama's bigger challenge may be to continue

the charade for his followers that he's not a war hawk.


str8 up

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

* * * * * * * NEW R3VOLUTION HIP HOP TRACKS!! * * * * * * *

All the more reason to get on that express train going to

Philidelphia, Pa. Get off at Market St. East and walk a few blocks to the Constitution Center. One hundred fifty patriots representing all 50 states will be there to find answers involving accountability of all public servants to our Constitution. Our state patriotic reps will keep us updated daily on 50 state internet websites where we can input our ideas as well. Active patriots can get involved at: wethepeople.org.

BTH @ gratefulness.org
Love (consciousness) is in everything including the void.

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner


Thanks for the info.

I am looking forward to Ron

I am looking forward to Ron Paul announcing he will run again and bring all of us from the Constitution party, libertarian and other 3rd parties together..!! this should happen about 24 months from now! by then this economy is going to be so bad Ron Paul will look like a prophet! It will be hard to keep him down this time! the troops will be home anyway because the US will be broke! Inflation will be spiking it will be something!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain


Ron Paul is a Republican. We have to work with Republicans in a respectful manner until he says differently. Campaign laws have to change before a third party can ever win, and that hasn't happened yet.
We can choose to support our cause with dignity to a larger audience, or not. Success is never easy, but we are making progress.

Why would Ron Paul run 3rd party next time around?

When he has equated running as a 3rd party candidate with tilting at windmills?....Dr. Paul stated repeatedly he wouldnt run on a 3rd party ticket last year...why would that change?

all the 3rd party's got what ...5% of the vote combined this last time around? I'm just wondering why the excitement here....fill me in if you know something I dont please - I'm in the middle of the gulf of mexico..so its very possible I've missed something!

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Ron Paul 2012...I get all

Ron Paul 2012...I get all giddy thinking about it.




I feel it too. I think as soon as obama gets in, the swhtf. I hope I am wrong. This capitalistic society has also brought us class divison. We might be in for a little of everything, including class and race wars. People just don't know what has been perpetrated on them. I feel like they will bring martial law down and the net will be gone too.