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What Does Leon Panetta Know About TWA 800

What Does Leon Panetta Know About TWA 800
cashill.com ^ | 1/8/2008 | Jack Cashill

Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2009 11:18:40 PM by Sioux-san

Last week, I received an email from a former 747 pilot named Thomas Young.

In early August 1996, Young explained, he was laid up in a Hong Kong hospital with a back injury. His employer, Polar Air Cargo, flew his wife Barbara out to join him. They had little else to do but watch TV. Here is what they saw.

The videotape began with people milling about on a deck facing a body of water. In the background, a streak of†light can be seen leaving a point below the edge of the deck, accelerating as it climbed; it passed behind what appeared to me to be a thin cloud layer and continued upward out of the frame, from right to left. As the streak of light disappeared beyond the edge of the frame, after a slight pause, there is a generalized, dim flash on the upper left side of the screen, followed by a brighter and more pronounced flash.

Some 270 eyewitnesses on Long Island would give formal accounts to the FBI of the same event--an apparent missile attack on TWA Flight 800 on the night of July 17,1996. Scores of them would provide detailed drawings.

"The TWA 800 story was big news," Young explains, "and was getting top billing in the Asian press."

Young had a distinct perspective on what he was seeing. For six years in the 1980s he had worked at Boeing, much of that time in its Space and Strategic Missile Systems Division.... Given the TV reception in his Hong Kong hospital, Young could not identify the type of missile that took out TWA Flight 800, but he was confident he was seeing a missile.

"If this was a Navy missile," Barbara recalls her husband telling her at the time, "there goes Clinton's re-election."

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I celarly remember the many reports of and 'arc'...

...streaking up from the sea to strike the plane before it blew. I remember all of them being completely ignored.

We're so used to being lied to, we forget the length and breadth of the deception.

Everything you hear is a lie. Most of what you know is wrong. In this technologically advanced world probably 80% of what you see has been altered to achieve the desired result.


That is when the fun starts....

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...


is now talking about advancing science and the NASA program. I propose that he is actually going to turn lose of a little bit, a few secrets. The idea of going back to the moon and maybe even to Mars is being tossed about. I propose we have been to Mars many times and to the moon many more than that and that some of our secret space travel will be made public. But not all, of course. Usually the government says "we need to do this" and they are saying that after the fact.

Read this short article-but ignore the pictures-they are art work.


Pannetta was Clinton's Chief of Staff during the TWA 800

event. he is suggesting that Panetta, now up for CIA chief, was involved in covering up the true story.

The best bad guys

always get the biggest assignments.

I'll bite ...

What does Panetta have to do with this article?