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Bank of America.....

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The Banks are getting hammered today...Bank Holiday may be

just around the corner. Banks could close for 1-2 weeks pretty quickly. No credit cards, no checks, only cash. Bad news.

Die Bank of America, DIE!!

Crash and burn you bunch of theives.

Oh they are dying.

Bank on it.

(Pun intended)

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It is even worse than that.

It is even worse than that. They have already received billions which enabled them to buy Merrill Lynch in the first place. This latest appeal is to cover the losses that are mounting now that they realize just how toxic the assets of Merrill Lynch really were.


We gave them money to make a monopolistic acquisition fueled by greed. Now we are going to bail them out for getting burned by their greed. It is beyond ridiculous.

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BofA stock is down 21+% today!! This is crunch time.....

folks...where the rubber meets the road. This whole deck of stacked cards is being reshuffled for the better. They have been consumed by their own greed, like a glutton dying of a ruptured stomach.
This is the time for us to remain strong.

What scares me

is that this is all too common, and our Congress is wholeheartedly supporting this kind of behavior with bailout money. All I can say, is there must be an awful lot of "hush" money being thrown around to these chumps.

alan laney

That's what I'm worried about

Sleeping Americans are opposed to the bailouts, yadda yadda, but they aren't willing to do anything about it. Now that the media has acclimated everyone to these huge numbers, even Congress, everything is set. People don't even flinch at the word "million" anymore. Hardly at trillion. I am worried that they'll start doing these deals under the table, with little media coverage. They know they can get away with it....look how much money has already been appropriated beyond the 700 billion TARP. This is just the beginning.