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Could this financial crisis bring about an end to the FED!

Americans have a history of not acting until a crisis is upon on us. If this economic situation continues to worsen, it may indeed provide the crisis that is needed to bring the FED and its malfeasance into focus.

Just yesterday, Kucinich announced he would intorduce a bill to put the FED under the Treasury Department.

If it takes a crisis to abolish the FED, I would say in the long run it would be TIME AND MONEY WELL SPENT!

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Once the Bonds Bubble has burst, you're nearly there.

A 180 degree about turn in policy would not be out of the question. I'm not just talking about the Federal Reserve. Same applies to the central banks of many formerly wealthy industrial nations.

"That Socialism would be immediately practicable if an omnipotent and omniscient Deity were personally to descend to take in hand the government of human affairs is incontestable." - Ludwig Von Mises.

By all means !!!!

Certainly lassoing the Fed and Socialising it's assets is beneficial to the US people. First, it completely wipes any real tax burden the US people have to pay the Central Bankers for interest on our money created. Secondly, it would give us 535 chances to have a voice on monetary policy. Finally, it's a huge move toward putting control of money back under the correct Constitutional jurisdiction.

You know as well as I do,

You know as well as I do, that's not how it would go down.


I am not sure if the crisis will, but I will try

Here is a letter I wrote to my Representative's scheduling representative in order to secure a meeting. I encourage everyone to meet face-to-face with their Rep -


I am writing to you today in order to secure a time to meet directly with my Congressman Stephen LaTourette.

Specifically I would like to talk with him about co-sponsoring and helping to pass the "Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act", HR 2755, as introduced by U.S. Representative Ron Paul in the 110th Congress when it is re-introduced.

I am helping to reach out to our politicians who should be sympathetic to a collective cause to end the private banking cartel of the Federal Reserve. I believe this is the best opportunity to take action to stimulate the economy in a manner that was intended by our founding fathers; by allowing the people to have the ability to pay back their debts (which would infuse the banks with the needed capital to lend), as well as to create the savings needed to encourage entrepreneurial endeavors, and to help capital growth in general for the United States. Giving American's back their moneywould also allowed for continued consumerism that our economy depends so heavily on.

The financial collapse has many in the United States scratching their heads to figure out what the heck is going on. I believe the answer and solution to our troubles can be found by eliminating the Federal Reserve, which would then allow for the removal of all Federal Income Taxes.

After reading President Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission, I have found some interesting information that perhaps Mr. LaTourette is not familiar. According to this specific report, all IRS tax dollars are simply paying interest on the money that the Federal Reserve creates. The funds collected by the Internal Revenue Service are not paying for our national defense or any other government functions.

Recently, the Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet to the tune of $1.2 trillion as discussed in a recent Financial Service Committee Meeting with the Federal Reserve. That money did not exist prior to the Federal Reserve creating the money out of nothing. That money was then used to buy U.S Treasury Bonds. This action by the Federal Reserve is causing our country to be liable for all of the interest that our Federal Government now has to pay back to this private bank. This means further obligations of the American people to pay for interest on these created funds and the further slavery of the people through an unnecessary and unconstitutional Federal Income Tax. This banking cartel is stealing our money and then reallocating it to their friends on Wall Street, the banking industry, and other world central banks and they are reallocating our stolen money in broad daylight. At this meeting, Congressman Grayson was not even able to find out to whom specifically this money was given and this robbery of the public trough is throwing our economy into its death throws.

The Grace Commission Report specifically outlines where our unconstitutional Federal Income Tax money is going and I hope to encourage Mr. LaTourette to familiarize himself with this report’s details. Many hundreds of thousands in the United States are starting to see this fact about our Federal Income Tax and we are tired of being robbed in the name of a private banking cartel.

Without the Federal Reserve a Federal Income tax would no longer be needed. What would that do for the prosperity of America? This would mean great things for all of liberty and us too. This is what our founders intended in the establishment of the Republic of America.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, M.D. said it best in a recent Press TV interview -

“Why an individual like myself that cherishes personal liberty is so opposed is that it allows governments to grow because they don't have to be responsible. If you were in a free society with sound money, you would have to appropriate money, tax the people, spend the money and know exactly what was going on. But, if a secret bank can just create money out of thin air then they [the government] can circumvent the people and circumvent the Congress, and they can go fight wars and not be responsible.

See, if we tax the American people for all that we do overseas, it would end in weeks, because we don't have the money, but if you inflate the currency you can delay the payment and you can worry about high prices down the road. And we have been sort of lucky to have the reserve currency of the world and we haven't suffered from the inflation.

So it just enhances big government and besides its illegal and morally its wrong. It's wrong to allow an individual to counterfeit money. Why do we allow a secret bank to counterfeit money? There are many reasons why we shouldn't have a central bank and why it's so damaging.”

It is time to take a firm stand for the American people and help make this legistlation a reality. Congressman LaTourette’s constituents have been calling him on this and I wish for it to no longer fall on deaf ears. I hope he will find encouragement that the awareness is spreading and I wish for him to take part in making this legislation into law, which will then clear the way to eliminate the Federal Income Tax.

Additionally, there is another protest rally at every Federal Reserve Bank in the United States and it is being organized for this April. More and more people are waking up to the evil of central economic planning. We have been robbed for too long and I wish to implore him to help make a realistic difference in the life of all Americans.

I can see no reason why Mr. LaTourette would not help in the furthering of this legislation and if he does not wish to support it, I would like to hear directly from him regarding why he would not wish to simply give American’s back their hard earned money and to stop giving this to a banking board of directors that has no accountability to the people. These jokers are not even voted into office, so our Representatives must serve as our voice instead. This legislation is most urgent and a necessary action for the American people. I have grown tired of form letter responses, hence my request to meet with him personally.

Please help me is gaining a time to meet with him in the near-term future.

In liberty,

Timothy Gandee

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That's pinning them down.

Just remember it's a numbers game to them...bring some help if you can. Pressure is needed from all directions.

Undo what Wilson did

Excellent Mr. Gandee

You can't beat a face to face meeting. Please keep us posted on the outcome!

Will Do

I encourage you all to do the same.

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Yes, but it is the wrong demand.

"Ending the Fed" IS the right target, but merely gives the weasels room to annoint some other ponzi scheme to appease the screaming masses (and they will be sceaming when this "crisis" plays itself out). The demand should be "Constitutional Money!". You have to pin them down...in no uncertain terms, then watch them like hawks. I take that back. You have to watch them like buzzards. They are not worthy of hawks.
Demand Constitutional money by writing a Violation Ticket to your "Rep" found here: http://www.scribd.com/people/view/4975153-fireant
It is OUR Constitution. WE own it. Apparently WE are the only ones left who will enforce it. Or will we?
Constitutional Money!

Undo what Wilson did

The fed IS the financial crisis

their master told them to create the crisis.

Mission accomplished.


Well if the crisis brought the FED into focus of national

awareness and discussion, it would be a big start!

Give Kucinich, the socialist, the printing press?

Can't you see through this? He wants the Democratic Congress to be able to print unlimited supply of money and socialize and nationalize everything.

Why do we want to abolish the Fed? Because it has the power to print money that is not backed by gold. Giving Congress that power isn't going to change that, and it will probably be much worse. We don't want to eliminate the Fed for its own sake but for what it does. Giving Congress the Fed functions is still having a Fed.

This happened before....

...under Lincoln. We call them "Greenbacks". and that is the money the Congress of the Northern States printed to finance their "War of Aggression" upon the Southern States. After the conquest of the South was complete the "Yankee Greenbacks" returned to the Treasury and there was a contraction in the money supply. Add to the problems, a worthless Confederate Currency and we get the "Panic of 1872".

Well at least the profits would stay in the public

coffers. But if the interest rates were set by the market instead of the FED that would a big step forward.

The profits already do

go to the Treasury. And the politicians spend it. That's how government grows.

What Kucinich wants would just let the Treasury print its own money for the politicians to spend, instead of selling bonds to the Fed in exchange for money. It's the same thing, but without the circuitous route.


You'll need to explain that to me.
It's my understanding...
If the government wants to spend money it doesn't have, it issues Treasury Bills. These bills are exchanged through the FED. The FED sells these bonds to private and public interests including foreign countries. When they do this, there is no profit. The money is spent and the people are left with the current account deficits.

Is that not correct?

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

It's my understanding the owners of the FED make a set 6%

after expenses, off of all the money they print and that we the taxpayers are now paying billions of dollars every year in interest on the national debt.

It's more like less than 2%

that the Fed keeps, in order to pay employees.

Whether the Treasury is paying interest to the Fed or the Treasury prints the money is no difference. The Treasury gets the money to pay the interest, FROM THE FED. The is the same thing as the Treasury printing money.

We're not actually paying for the national debt by sending in money to the government. We're paying through reduced purchasing power. This would happen with or without the Fed, with or without "national debt."

There is certainly a lot of confusion about the details

which I am sure was created on purpose.

I heard the PR guy for the FED say they were privately owned and made a set 6% after expenses, which when you consider how much they are printing is an enormous amout.

Knowing these guys, they wouldn't be doing it if it was not extremely profitable.

This would be the worst thing that we could do! Think about it

for a second. By putting the Federal Reserve System under the US Treasury Department, you have just given the purse strings to the Executive Branch of the Government, or the President of the United States.

The Federal Reserve System needs to be COMPLETELY abolished! The 1913 Banking Act gave far too much power and secrecy to the Federal Reserve Bank as it is. We don't want to pass this power to the Executive Branch as written under the 1913 Banking Act. This would be a BIG mistake!


The Winds of Change!

It will bring the end

of the dollar.

To be replaced by the next plateau, global currency.....

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

beware the self-fulfilling prophecy


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

hope I'm wrong

just keeping it real. Right now liberty is on the short end, but we will fight, for sure....

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

yes it could


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

That would make Bush & Cheney geniuses...

God, wouldn't that be a kick in the balls?

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Dont worry they will come up

Dont worry they will come up with an even more corrupt system.



Competing Currency

Competing currencies may solve the problem, both globally and nationally. The first one to come out with a legal, gold-backed, paper currency will win.


"..shall not be infringed."