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Can we please please please please please make a poll on Daily Paul

Can we make a poll about how we found out about DR. Paul and the revolution PLEASEEEE!!!! like a real poll that will stay up for a long time so we can figure out what is the best way to get the word out!

i know people have made threads about this but we need a actual poll not a tread that gets all jumbled up!

if some of you have a idea on what the poll can have included, please post in a comment and i will create one on my site Infospill.com but we need one on DP because the traffic is very high here

we only have 4 short years left!!!!!!

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I heard Dr. Paul

just once on TV and was impressed by his integrity and insight. Searched for him on the internet and that led to this site and others.

I found out about him from a very good friend of mine who moved

to California. Every time I talked to him, he said you have to check out this guy Ron Paul running for President. I would say o.k. and never do it because I thought every single politician was a corrupt son of a bitch. So one day I did check him out due to boredom, and now I have become more of a liberty maniac than my friend. I never knew stuff was going this bad. I will say I feel like a caged animal ever since.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

it's hilarious because i

it's hilarious because i found out about ron paul from a buddy of mine whose dad is a big time investment banker :)

Being from Tahass as the indians used to call it .

Ive known about Ron Paul for quite a while .Though I do not live in his district an never voted for him {for congress} I have supported him for years.Even when he first ran for congress in 76 an 77 ,he has always been some sort of a Texas legend .His first group of followers were fundamentalist Christians who were opposed to Row vs. Wade and believed strongly in the Constitutioin.Uncle Ron used to give speechs in Texas for Ronald Reagan and you would always hear how Reagan would come to him for advice.As a matter of fact Ron probalbly knew Reagan better then any of those slimeballs In the eighties he developed a following of rednecks and survivalist as a man of the people .Some one you could always count on to stand up for the people.When he ran as a Libertatian in 88 I remember getting his newsletter { I wish I had kept it.}I remember talking to my mother who supported Ron because she was a fundamentialist Christian who believed the goverment was taking away our religous freedom and I, who I have always felt like a Libertarian.I also remember that we both sadly shrugged our shoulders and said "he just does'nt stand a chance".What sheeple we were .I also remember the Texas 07 May straw poll was going to come out and my mother was very excited about being able to go and vote for the Living Legand .I was out of the state at the time but I remember my mother telling me how dissappointed she was because she did not get to vote Ron Paul .Why ? I asked and she told me that the polling booth that had opened up at 10:00 am then abruptly closed at 10;30. And I knew exactly why because Ron Paul was about to capture the lead from Duncan Hunter.Man! was I pssed that day and I knew it could have only been the work of that treacherous outlaw rick"boss hogg " perry .I hate that guy and most Texans do to.I also voted for Kinky Frierdman .But thats a different story. "And as they say .The rest is history." -Paul Harvey

I knew him before and so

when I saw him on the first debate, I was hooked. Somehow I heard about meetups and I think they told me about Daily Paul.

So the poll should have--tv debate.

Maybe have like: How did you

Maybe have like:

How did you find out about Ron Paul and the New American Revolution

a forum, YouTube, Live leak, Digg, Google ads, Email from a friend, Email from a stranger, a letter in the mail, signs on the side of a road, sign in a yard, highway overpass signs, Ron Paul Blimps, Mini Blimps, bumper sticker, a shirt, a poster on a store front door, amazon books, news, abc,nbc,cbs,fox, local news, local newspaper, magazine, local access tv, a stranger walking door to door, a stranger on the street, farmers market.....ETC please add more everyone!


I found out about Ron Paul on a alternate energy web site!

it was just a picture of Ron Paul just like the one on here at DP but its heading read Ron Paul for president 2008. I clicked on it and i never looked back.


add "Did you vote for him in 1988?" and "Do you live in his congressional district?"

okay, michael says he'll do

okay, michael says he'll do a poll.

give some question ideas.

Q: How did you find out about Ron Paul?

_ TV Newscast

_ Newspaper Article

_ C-Span

_ A Friend

_ A DVD (kay i have a short memory-- wasn't rp in freedom to fascism?)

help ... we need more... :)

how about a poll on where we're from?

Q: Where are you from?

A: have each of the states. then other countries. i'm from canada so i'd be curious about other provinces.

how about a poll on 9/11. not necessary but i'd be curious.

i'd also be curious to know people's ages.

Q: How old are you?

A: do age frames: 18 and under, 18-25, etc..

i'd also be curious about gender. just because the media likes to say there isn't a lot of women support for rp. i totally don't believe that but don't really know for sure.

what other polls??

In November 2007, an email arrived asking us to

compare our views with the many candidates' positions. Ron Paul came out on top for my husband, and we started to research everything we could about "who is Ron Paul?" Since we had been true independents for many years, we began to realize the Libertarian viewpoints were closest to ours. Then I found this site and felt comfortable learning about Dr. Paul and many other topics. You are some of the most educated, compassionate and honest people it has been my pleasure to meet. A poll is a great idea!

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I can do a poll

Come up with the question, and I'll post the poll.

He's the man.

Well, I discovered

Dr. Paul in the May debates. I don't know how that can help. But here's a bump.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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hey that would be cool. we

hey that would be cool. we could have several.

i vote for adding a poll function on here! :)

I was looking for a suitable

I was looking for a suitable candidate to vote for. That was last January. I looked at all candidates web sites and did not trust any. Liked Ron Paul, but still did not trust. Then I googled something like Ron Paul discussion board, and this site came up. The rest is history, I was hooked.

Funny though, that my brother had Ron Paul sticker on his Jeep for about two years prior and I always made fun of him being not too subtle on his political affiliation. He is 10 yrs younger, btw. My whole family voted Ron Paul and all of us have been in a state of puking stagnation ever since July. I cried though when Ron Paul gave his speech at the alternative RNC party.

Oh well, another day, and we will do what we can to continue the movement.

How wonderful

to have a brother who was way out ahead of you in the Ron Paul movement. All of my Ron Paul acquaintances are very special to me and they bring me the peace that others don't. I would love for it to be my younger brother.