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Mexican Collapse and the Plan for a North American Union

Mike Sunnucks, writing for the Phoenix Business Journal, exposes details of a recent report released by the Pentagon. According to the report, globalization and urbanization will fuel “social unrest, as well as a potential collapse of the Mexican government as that country deals with violence and corruption induced by drug cartels and organized crime.”

The Pentagon warns of "social unrest, as well as a potential collapse of the Mexican government as that country deals with violence and corruption induced by drug cartels and organized crime."

On the surface, the Joint Operating Environment 2008 report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command is a self-serving document. It predicts multiple crises “if there are major reductions in U.S. defense spending,” including “terrorist networks obtaining nuclear and biological weapons, as well as instability and aggressiveness involving China, India, Pakistan, India and the Middle East.” On the other hand, the report may be seen as a blueprint for the establishment of a North American Union.

Rest of Article: http://www.infowars.com/?p=7171

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Funny video

In one of the videos imbedded in the article, they talk about Ken Lay being alive and well in Paraguay. Maybe we should take up a collection and send Dog the Bounty Hunter down there to pick him up. =)

Ethanol is another culprit

The US subsidized the production of ethanol ... made from corn ... a staple of the Mexican diet.

By subsidizing it, the US government made ethanol profitable (it takes more "fossil" fuel to turn corn into fuel than it replaces ... not profitable).

Ethanol production caused the price of corn to skyrocket (thank you, Wall St.), making corn too expensive for most Mexican peasants to eat and adding to their already considerable woes.

Stopping the bankers has to be our first priority. Later we can mop up the politicians.


I have long said....

..that once we start burning our food for fuel, we can't remain viable for very long...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...



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Very important article

Happy to see this on the front page.


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We Can Cut the Head of the Monster Off

I am helping to reach out to our politicians and public who should be sympathetic to a collective cause to end the private banking cartel of the Federal Reserve. I believe this is the best opportunity to take action to stimulate the economy in a manner that was intended by our founding fathers; by allowing the people to have the ability to pay back their debts (which would infuse the banks with the needed capital to lend), as well as to create the savings needed to encourage entrepreneurial endeavors, and to help capital growth in general for the United States. Giving American's back their moneywould also allowed for continued consumerism that our economy depends so heavily on.

The financial collapse has many in the United States scratching their heads to figure out what the heck is going on. I believe the answer and solution to our troubles can be found by eliminating the Federal Reserve, which would then allow for the removal of all Federal Income Taxes.

After reading President Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission, I have found some interesting information that perhaps our public and politicians are not familiar. According to this specific report, all IRS tax dollars are simply paying interest on the money that the Federal Reserve creates. The funds collected by the Internal Revenue Service are not paying for our national defense or any other government functions.

Recently, the Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet to the tune of $1.2 trillion as discussed in a recent Financial Service Committee Meeting with the Federal Reserve. That money did not exist prior to the Federal Reserve creating the money out of nothing. That money was then used to buy U.S Treasury Bonds. This action by the Federal Reserve is causing our country to be liable for all of the interest that our Federal Government now has to pay back to this private bank. This means further obligations of the American people to pay for interest on these created funds and the further slavery of the people through an unnecessary and unconstitutional Federal Income Tax. This banking cartel is stealing our money and then reallocating it to their friends on Wall Street, the banking industry, and other world central banks and they are reallocating our stolen money in broad daylight. At this meeting, Congressman Grayson was not even able to find out to whom specifically this money was given and this robbery of the public trough is throwing our economy into its death throws.

The Grace Commission Report specifically outlines where our unconstitutional Federal Income Tax money is going and I hope to encourage others to become familiar with this report’s details. Many hundreds of thousands in the United States are starting to see this fact about our Federal Income Tax and we are tired of being robbed in the name of a private banking cartel.

Without the Federal Reserve a Federal Income tax would no longer be needed. What would that do for the prosperity of America? This would mean great things for all of liberty and us too. This is what our founders intended in the establishment of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Please help in ending the Federal Reserve.

Your friend in freedom,

Tim Gandee
Perry, OH

Old news, but important

I have mixed feelings about Alex Jones, but he is often correct. The destabilization of Mexico is - most likely - part of a larger scenario. Whether the current financial destablization has been planned (as Mr. Jones suggests) it is worth consideration. What is of even greater interest, is that the rest of the world - Europe, Asia and Russia - are also on shaky ground. Today only China and some Southeast Asian nations seem fairly steady.

But what this growing destablization may lead to - that is, if it continues -- is the North American Union. Funny how it was set up 3 years ago. You can visit the www.spp.gov site and take a look at the groundwork.

Are we all part of a gigantic scheme? One that has been in place for 3 years or more? It certainly is beginning to look like that. There are over 600 FEMA camps, standing by. There have been Executive Orders which allow U.S. troops to occupy our nation.

Doesn't look good from here.

FEMA camps--where?

"There are over 600 FEMA camps, standing by."

Myth. FEMA camps do not exist.

They might be built someday; right now they are urban legend. If you have proof to the contrary, please post it. Some maps made by a goofball on the Internet, or doctored photos, do not constitute proof.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Homework is good.

They have existed since 1984, when the first ones were created under the REX 84 initiative. Louis Giuffrida was director of FEMA under Reagan and was given extraordinary powers to round up and detain people. The people at the time were those from El Salvador and Nicaragua, who were on the side of the Sandanistas. If they rioted in the U.S., then they would be detained in a FEMA camp. This is public info, which you can find.

Rep. Jack Brooks, during the Iran/Contra hearing tried to ask questions about FEMA's 'continuity of government' directive and the 'suspension of the Constitution,' but Senator Inouye stopped him cold. This is also public info.

I know a physician who has been to more than one of the camps. He has a Q clearance and wouldn't tell me where they were, but some of the old army bases have been converted. And, some current army bases have a sections for potential detainees. Fort Drumm in upstate New York has one; reservists I know have seen it and it's no big deal to them. They view it as a benign way to help those who may need help.

Now, if you think this is myth, that is OK with me. Believe whatever pleases you. I am convince they are real, and whether there are 600 or 6, it's not a good thing. Anyhow, if the U.S. continues to destabilize over the coming years, we'll find out for sure.

Do they hide them

by doctoring google satellite images? I looked for one that was supposedly in northern New Hampshire near the Vermont/Canadian border and came up empty. If I had found it, I would have gone up there for a closer look and analysis. The well-circulated list of FEMA camps seems to contain some rather soft data, i.e. no definite locations on many of them.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

No idea

Whether or not you can find them via Google satellite or driving around in your car, the real issue is the various Executive Orders that allow the government to impose Martial Law, take over the media, the food supply, the railroads, airports, highways, and just about everything else. This is trashing the Constitution wholesale, and which Jack Brooks sought to bring out into the open. He was quashed.

If you do a search on Fema Camps, you will get over 200,000 hits. Are they correct and accurate? I don't know. My friend told me of the ones he saw and I believe him; he's a physician who works with FEMA and is a straight shooter. Anyhow we will find out in the next couple of years.

Alex is probably correct about 95% of the time ...

... though once in a while I have the urge to stuff a rag in his mouth. However, then I reflect on all the information he has accumulated and made public, and how he has made himself a prime target of some of the nastiest people on earth and I have to conclude that he is one of the very bravest of men. If I knew what he knows, and steeped myself in it 24/7, I'd be a raving lunatic

God bless Alex Jones. Without him we'd all be a lot more clueless.

Regarding your last remark about it not looking good, Alex tends to think that major parts of their scheme are getting away from them. Let's hope and pray he's right.

I like Alex, but one thing...

I wish he would tone it down a little. He's a little "over the top" in his delivery, his websites, etc. There's no reason to do this...in my estimation all it does is draw undue criticism and is written off as "conspiracy BS."


I agree

It is possible to be forceful without resorting to screaming, which he does from time to time. The most powerful programs are interviews with Paul Craig Roberts (not sure if its Craig Paul, or Paul Craig) who quietly states the dire trouble this country is in. I remember the fine interview with (I think) William Rodriguez, one of the custodians of WTC. He was on the site when the airplanes hit, and his account of what happened was riviting. He did not shout; he simply stated what happened and what he personally witnessed.

Stephen Jones, the physicist from (I think) Brigham Young University, who provided scientific evidence about the WTC towers, and who was fired from his job as a result: his reports were detailed, on-point and delivered without hysterics.

Alex has interviews with primary sources, and they are always interesting and often scary. To his credit, he does not scream during them.

Coming from someone who has listed and watched Alex

for about 13 years.
We have learned to only listen when Alex has a good guest on like you mentioned.
When he goes into his crying televangelist mode, I just tune him out. Alex, like anything else, must be taken in limited doses..Too much Alex, and you find yourself with a pistol in your mouth.
Once again though, it is about the message and not the messenger. If only a portion of what he talks about is correct, then we have cause for concern.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Focus on the message, not the messenger or how he delivers it.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Thats a little like...

whispering fire.

Don't you think its more effective to yell FIRE!

No it isn't

That's exactly what Congress is doing right now, running around with their heads on fire, insisting that we all do something. That's what Wall St. is doing. Look where that got us.


Michael C. Ruppert

Michael Ruppert has been talking about wall streets involvement in drug money laundering for a long long time.
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