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Ron Paul, By the Numbers

From Time's Blog. See the original for links.

$2,300: Amount of donation received from Barry Manilow

$2.4 million: Amount of cash on hand

#2: Rank of "web design and hosting" among disbursements in the Ron Paul campaign (#1: Salaries.)

#1: Rank of Paul among candidates receiving donations from members of the armed service.

14 out of 25: Number of times that Paul has come in either first (10) or second (4) in the Pajama Media GOP primary straw poll.

9 out of 25: Number of times Paul was not included in the Pajama Media GOP primary straw poll.

#2: Rank at which Patrick Ruffini thinks Paul will finish in the Ames Straw Poll

280: Percent increase in the stock of "Paul to win GOP nomination" stock at Intrade. (McCain-to-win stock has dropped 680*85%.)

That was fun. Suggests for what candidate to cherry pick data about next?

*UPDATE: Uhm, duh. Thanks.

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Daily Variety - Ron Paul biggest percentage increase in funds

On the front page of the July 19, 2007 Daily Variety, the story is "CELEB POLS CASH IN - Star power brings bucks" accompanied by a chart of the "Top 10 in Hollywood." (Data from Center for Responsive Politics)

There's a chart of 1st and 2nd Quarter fundraising in Hollywood, with Ron Paul 10th in total contributions on the list.

Everyone on the list made less (sometimes much less) in the 2nd quarter than in the 1st, except for 7th place Bill Richardson (from $66k up to $98k) and 10th place Ron Paul (from $1,250 up to $17,223).

The percentage increase for Ron Paul blows them all away.
The percentage increase for Ron Paul blows them all away.
(I had to say it twice.)
8 out of 10 went DOWN. 2 went UP. Ron Paul was WAY UP.

In the story Barry Manilow is mentioned as an example of many who support mulitple candidates, which is where they mention Ron Paul, specifically.

Ron Paul's numbers may be small, and a 13 fold increase may be unsustainable, but you must admit it's going in the right direction, unlike 8 of the other 10 on the list.

When a movie has this kind of increase in the second weekend, they start filming the sequel. Word-of-mouth is the BEST!


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