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Student Ambushes Hannity

This comes from our friends at Students for Ron Paul:

In a delightful exchange, our very own Kylan (who also blogs [at Students for Ron Paul]) called into Sean Hannity's show to point out the fact that Ron Paul is the most popular Republican candidate in our military, at least according to donation statistics (article by Kylan). Congratulations to Kylan on getting heard!

Listen to the exchange here. It is great, and it shows how closed Hannity is. His mind is shut like a trap.

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Hannity bought by Guliani?

I've listened to Hannity for years, but that sound byte sure sounded like he's completely 'bought' by Guliani! Thus my opinion of Hannity has significantly changed. You could hear the disappointment in his voice when the name "Ron Paul" was mentioned on his show, and he quickly wanted to take a break, without even acknowledging the unavoidable fact that Kylan pointed out, and would not even comment on it except to try to turn it into a promo for Guliani.


Sean's "bought" by "excitement"

Sean's a TV professional, and politicians with 'principles' like that change with the political wind -- whether Rudy or Mitt -- are "exciting," in addition to being convenient as northeastern RINOs. It's not an intellectual thing, indeed, if anything it's the opposite, it's a RATINGS thing. Dr. Paul in 1988 sounds *exactly* like he sounds today. We may love it because it actually makes historical sense to us, but to Sean, all that principled, Constitutional stuff is "not news" and "boring" compared to a good, "exciting" authoritarian like Rudy.

Will Rudy and Mitt still be pro-life & pro-gun tomorrow, or will one or both flop back the way they flipped? Who knows?? But to Sean, the answer's not really as important as the question. His point is RATINGS, but the problem is that (to be brutally-frank) Sean's not really all that bright, so he doesn't see what's happening until it's mostly-happened, but you're right, Sean's 'brave' attack has weakened substantially in direct correlation with the increase in Dr. Paul's donations, for some mysterious reason...

Great Theater...

Kylan, whoever you are, that was truly masterful. I could never have pulled that off. Congratulations!

Kylan did a wonderful job.

Kylan did a wonderful job. He opened by carefully getting Hannity to play up the importance of military donations to the GOP, then he did the classic bait and switch by announcing Ron Paul as the #1 recipient of active duty serviceman $$. Good job Kylan!

I'm actually surprised that Hannity hadn't heard the news, and I wished Kylan had mentioned that Paul's donations exceeding all other GOP candidates combined. That would have been another nail in Hannity's coffin.

Sean Hannity and Kylan

I thought Kylan played this beautifully, complementing the Ego that is Sean Hannity as a "Great American." (It made the baby fwow up).

What is interesting is... what will Sean do as Dr. Paul continues to take more of the spotlight? What would he do if Dr. Paul got the Republican nomination, switch parties? No. He would get a call from a higher-up (and there are quite a few) to say, "Go with it" and he would.

Sean Hannity, like many of his FOX colleagues, are hired lackeys, trumpeting the agenda of pro-war, pro-Bush Rupert Murdoch.

Anyhow, way to go Kylan ! Hat's off to you !

OMG are you..?

Shawn got lead there.. I think he took the call to talk about Hillary as commander in chief.

"Are you one of those (spamming, poll cheating, turncoat, lower than dirt) Ron Paul supporters?"

As if somehow if you support a freaking nobody like Tommy Thompson your all ok, but if you have the nerve to support Paul they treat you like your some kind of deranged lunatic. Your even worse than a lib because they know how to fight against a lib.. they are not sure what to do with this whole liberty and freedom thing besides call it kooky.

"(Paul) is going nowhere" Yeah right.. hes the only republican that is going up. If Ron Paul is going "nowhere".. then what is happening to the rest?


You're right. It's pathetic how they ignore a Ron Paul supporter. They inmidiatly start with the ad hominum attacks and do not want to talk about the issues. I don't know how much longer I can stand this kind of behaviour by the MSM.

By the way off topic. JayDee does that stand J Dilla, just curious.


"How did you get past my screener?"

That was classic

He shouldn't have been so reluctant to admit he was a supporter though. But still, that was just great. Hook line and sinker
-Phil Hemingway III

Great Call

That was a great call.

One little "between the lines thing" I noticed though was that Hannity actually appears to have softened ever-so-slightly regarding Dr. Paul. You'll note the "a lot of things I agree with him on" note he struck, as opposed to his total attack in earlier mentions. Hannity's still a total "war-guy" so that will color his attitude very significantly.

Anyway, it IS a tiny bit of progress to see even Hannity not taking AS harsh of a line as previously.

It sure would be interesting to see who he would support in the General Election if the choice came down to Paul vs. Clinton.

Not Surprised

I'm not at all surprised that Hannity did not go into a full attack on Ron Paul and a suspected supporter.

After his Ron Paul rant following the South Carolina debate I'm sure he got an earful and an email full from Dr. Paul's supporters and he doesn't want to poke that beehive again.

Great call and handled just right in my opinion.

Giuliani will be disqualified anyways.

Rudy can enjoy his knighthood as a private citizen, but Congress can't approve the honor 6 years retroactively without risking massive recalls.
Funny how the Republican Party and those wrapping themselves in the flag overlooked this graph, Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution.
Individual states can remove Rudy from the primary ballots, or the GOP can save face and take care of that now.