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An arrogant media delivers Orwellian thought control

An arrogant media delivers Orwellian thought control

The media has been outright arrogant in their presentations. They seldom even attempt to cover up their OPINATED PREJUDICE during their coverage of Obama. They often display giddiness for everything OBAMA; THUS, further enticing this numbing euphoria amongst the masses, those volatile emotional crazed Barry fans and cheerleaders that are becoming increasing brained washed by a mass media that reports nearly nothing of substance or any real issue with an intelligent unbiased presentation or any issue truly open for serious discussion.

Tabloidism is the façade of a new mantra for this era, underlying it is the guise and front to real journalism. Today’s talking heads masquerade as unbiased political pondents deciphering OBAMA SPEAK as if there were something profound in his rhetoric. Information, news, current events and especially political reporting CONTROLLED by the major mass media outlets has reached a new level. Regardless if it be a height or depth, it is nevertheless collaborating Orwellian thought control. Where Big Brother (Govt.) is clearly in bed with mass media machine and the corporate Globalist elite who own and control some 90 percent of the major news outlets in order to skew the public’s version of what is important in world and national affairs. This corporate / government Globalist media complex needs to present their take or perspective on world and national events while leaving little room for a true range of thoughts on these subjects.

The media simply and quickly dismisses alternate ideas, thoughts and perspectives with the arrogant and non-journalistic tag phrase: ”outside mainstream thought.” We are being served this plate of propaganda by the mass media complex for a reason, which is because the Global elite must control the media in order to control our system and us.

These gluttons would like to control everything and reshape the world as they choose. Do you really think we had a choice this election or the last or the one before that? Obama, McCain, Bush, Cheney, Gore the Clintons and many others are all just ponds of this elitist group. They control many of our politicians to various degrees. Understand this: they bet on both political sides. In other words, they have many horses in the race; thus, guaranteeing one of their horse’s wins; thereby insuring attention is eventually given to implementing their agenda.

The politicians that they back are permitted a wide range of personal political ideology for talking points and sound bites but only as long as it does not conflict with their goals and greater purpose. More often than not, these politicians say one thing and do another. Do you still think Bush was conservative? I mean think about it; runaway deficit spending, 10 of billions of annual of foreign aid spending for aids in Africa, hush money to dictators all around the globe. Face it, Bush was or is a corporate socialist, a liar to public and betrayer to the true conservative cause he falsely cloaked himself with. Our laws, our constitution, our system and our liberty and freedoms are all being cleverly manipulated with the global elite’s agenda and plans in mind. These oligarchs control the mass media and favor the left-wingers like Obama the most because this philosophy is all about control and deprivation of liberty. Just look at any socialistic system from the current European states to Nazi Germany to the Old Soviet Union; these are just different degrees of command or manipulated economies. The Democrats don’t want free markets to work and to fix itself. There is nothing in that for them and their party; thus, their thirst for power would go unfilled. Many Republicans are themselves either fraud conservatives like Bush are beholding to special interest concerns seeking their own self-promotion and perhaps even with corrupt doings and / or intent. Many shout out a political speak and philosophy long since withering a slow death needing revitalization if not a full-scale resurrection. However, its believers are seemingly incapable of bringing this to fruition due to lack of legitimate leadership within the Republican Party and a lack of genuine understanding by the public of the issues and problems faced by our country.

The mass media complex has in part facilitated this ignorance as has our educational system failed our succeeding generation due to a belief in a misguided liberal ideology now pervasive of many and I think probably most educators in our current American educational bureaucracy at all levels. These two systems most be overhauled and purged, as to once again, enable these institutions to serve us, the public, and our system correctly or else our country’s system shall fail us and fall from within due to this decay. Just as has all democracies and Republics failed in the past, as did Rome and Athens.

When a champion of the truth and a real maverick of people makes an attempt to come forward by means of a grass roots movement outside the media mainstream. The media does not cover this phenomenon to any great extent as real journalistic news. Instead it is downplayed and shrugged off as a fluke and this campaigner labeled as a kook.

Remember the treatment received by Dr. Ron Paul during the primaries. Remember how his ideas were belittled, berated, dismissed, laughed at by the talking heads but were for the most part ignored and never discussed seriously. Now that the election is over a few pondents admit Ron Paul was not a kook but a visionary in what he said and believes. During this time he was the only candidate talking about our country’s pending financial woes, Congressional deficit spending problems, unhealthy governmental manipulation of the economy and the evils of the Federal Reserve System. Yet, today those in the media, who less than a year before berated and degraded him, now hail him as anything other than a kook and instead as a man of vision. Then, I ask, why not go to him and follow his advice? Apparently this makes too much sense for the national mainstream media. Instead the press turns to Obama and his insider advisers with their alternate motives of unannounced agendas as their compasses for where to place emphasis in their economic plans. There is no discussion as to their economic philosophy or why they think there actions are good and just or even why this idea of theirs is supposedly so much better than so many others ideas all of which are never presented to the public for consideration and thought.

Now that the Media’s pick, Obama, has won and it is all over for the smartest man in Congress. He, Congressman Paul, is now suddenly seen as just that and no longer a weirdo eccentric. Yet Congressmen Paul’s ideas still get next to no real coverage because his ideas are not the ideas likened by the media complex or are they the ideas fitting the agenda of the Global elite.

Our country has real serious problems but none more so than the concentration of the ownership of our national mainstream media outlets with the express intent for the manipulation of free information by this media with a predisposition and self-selective rationale which serves the agenda of a certain set of the world’s elite. Let us pray that some day we shall win back our republic from the secret oligarchical control we our now under.

God help us,

David Douglas

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