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About that Ron Paul Meeting in Harrisburg

The following is a brief summary of yesterday’s (01.25.09) we the people meeting in Harrisburg, Pa. First there was an update on state issues, e.g. real id, chipping, etc. Bob Schulz followed with a three hour presentation which focused on his decade long campaign to redress (remedy) of grievances against the federal government. What surprised me most was the fact that this redress issue dates back to the 1215 Magna Carta. There, it was more explicit in requiring a redress from the king within a 40 day period. If no response after 40 days, the people had the right to take all material possessions from the king and his family, leaving them with only their lives intact. Unfortunately, our Constitution is not this detailed or specific.

Another point Schulz made was that he avoids arguing political points but rather sticks to constitutional ones instead. All seven of his grievances represent violations to key constitutional clauses and are backed by case law. Extremely well researched and professionally presented as everyone knows who has taken the time to read them. The government is concerned about this upcoming Continental Congress 2009. After contracting to rent the Constitution Center in Philly for two weeks, a spokesman contacted Schulz and began making several changes which would have restricted the process. Needless to say, a new venue is now being sought out.

Ron Paul’s name was mentioned many times. First, when my wife called to verify the Schulz talk, the woman that answered said: “Oh, you mean the Ron Paul meeting? Yes, its on.” Later, Bob Schulz, commended Ron Paul on his pro-constitution efforts and cited a problem with one of Paul’s Washington staff as to why he was excluded from talking at RFR last year. Paul’s staff decided to lay the redress issue before Nancy Pelosi and the House, rather than allow RP to address it. Bob would like Ron to chair the upcoming CC 2009, but since it requires he leave Congress, that won’t happen. Later, I volunteered my Ron Paul buttoned hat for collections.

During the question period, I plugged committeesofsafety.org, particularly their involvement with reinstating constitutional state militias. Bob followed up by talking about Dr. Edwin Vieira and his book which was available also, through a state CFL representative. I finished the night by presenting Bob with a us civil flag, updated from those the sons of liberty used.

Useful links: http://www.committeesofsafety.org/

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I attended on Saturday, 1/24, in Concord, MA. How ironic that Massachusetts is one of the most non-liberty minded states in the country?

Bob Schultz is excellent.

Who stands with the Continental Congress?

The Continental Congress is quite possibly the last opportunity to take back our country peaceably in the protection and defence of our Constitution. Delegates MUST be the best available, not only the finest minds loyal to the Republic and our Constitution and devoted to the peaceful restoration of our rights thereunder but devoid of personal agenda, politics and self interests. No political hacks should be allowed, rather the wise among us of proven backgrounds who will insist on what is right, care little who gets the credit and no regard for self interests. There is a Republic to save. Who joins in this stand? We must represent our Founders without flaw, glitch or chicanery. This historic meeting will present to the nation a Congress defending a citizenry against an enormity of Evil. Our duty to this Congress is to bring together the lawful body best equipped to ensure the protection of the Constitution. Side issues and alternative options are secondary. Although a serious time to set forth grievances against the traitors attempting to enslave us, this has gone beyond any single issue into the open assertion of our independence as given by our Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies.
Michael, I notice you still have not shown support of this endeavor. Why have more talk and grumbling when a positive stand has been made and the line drawn in the sand? Who will stand with We the People at this Congress? Whatever differences there may be among us, will we not rise united at last to defend our noble document of this nation's highest law in the only constitutionally correct manner possible? This Continental Congress will be recorded in history as the turning point of the grassroots revolution. May God guide us to respond to the call and set in motion the peaceful restoration of our Constitution.
Check it out at http://www.wethepeoplefoundation.org.

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hope it makes it to front page for positive pro-action.

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Has Ron Paul

Answered the petitions? He was served them too.

No he did not answer the petitions; nor did he question the

birth certificate non-disclosure. There may be restraints placed on him.

Support: http://www.committeesofsafety.org/;http://www.wethepeoplefou...
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I hope these are going as they expected around the country.

Thanks for the post.

It was a very informative meeting. I would say there was probaby around 100 people there, both young and old from all walks of life. I think my wife finally gets it after hearing Mr. Schulz speak. I did see alot of Ron Paul stickers on cars in the parking lot so I knew I was in the right place!



Now that there's some real HOPE....

Thank you for taking more action than typing at a keyboard. Your attention to detail is great! Ginny in PA

Thanks for the post


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