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So how are things in your neck of the woods? Here in

N.E. Ohio it's cold - economy is poor. The State is talking about large cuts in services coming. Up the road in Cleveland they are all excited about 680 million coming in a Obama Stimulus Package. For the first time ever the local Walmart is not hiring for the 11 - 7 shift, maybe that says all.

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Welcome to Blue Jersey, anybody need an entitlement?

To start off the headlines yesterday read Mexicans are sending less money back home.
Because it is so easy to get on a program here, citizens with low work ethics, will either get on Disability or Welfare. not only do we grow them here, we also import them from the other states & Countries that pay less into their social programs. Not only are the Lazy Sucking this State Dry but the Illegal Immigrants that fill the jobs suck it dry also (Not only Mexicans)

I Could Rant this topic into a book

Our Car Insurance is Outrageous because of Socialism.Those that Can pay for Car Insurance pay extra for those that can't.
Property Taxes & School Taxes are Outrageous & getting worse. Somebody has to not only pay for the Socialism but also its effects.
Illegal Immigrants & those on social benefits do not pay taxes. Illegal Immigrants will Either Live in a farm camp & not pay Taxes or Live 20 to a House & Pay the taxes of 1 family.
I Know Your thinking "it can't be that bad" Your right it's worse!!! If I Had the Time I Could Write a Book Here's Some Examples:

the Democrat Team Renere (Spelling) came to my local Flea Market for campaign Support, Preaching lower taxes for the poor - Not Smart enough to figure out that they were in a black market, Vendors Don't pay taxes & Don't Collect Taxes Either. they didn't notice the market full of Mexicans or the Parking Lot full of Trashed Cars With Pennsylvania Plates. The State turns a Blind Eye or is that out of touch with reality.

Not Only do the Taxpayers Pay the Illegal Immigrants School tax but we pay Extra for their Children to be at a Preschool level before Preschool

A New way to Get Around the High Cost of Living in Jersey....... instead of Getting Married a Young Couple Will have their Child out of marriage. Mom doesn't know who dad is,collects welfare since it's so easy to get, mom stays home,Dad gets a Job.
This is all caused by the system they're exploiting. the reason the cost of living is so expensive is because the state sets the price. if the state pays $800 for Housing then the min. rent is $800 for anything above a rat hole

The Truth is Jersey has been Dying Long before this depression started,
We Taxed the jobs out of Blue Jersey because of Socialism.Long Gone is Our Ability to Pay for Socialism.Whats Happening Now is Just a Little Despair & Torture Before Death

Our Only Voice is Congressman Frank LoBiondo, But He's no Ron Paul
But He's Doing His Best Against the Blood Sucking Democrats

If America Won't Elect Ron for President Can we Borrow him for Governor?

port orange fl

jobs are very hard to find. i finally got another job after 2 months w/o. good thing i had money saved up! there are alot of openings for nurses, however, but thats basically it.

"The state is the great myth where everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." - Frederic Bastiat

Grand Junction, CO Above the

Grand Junction, CO

Above the curve due to local produce markets, wine, and most recently oil. However due to oil prices dropping some companies can't pay their employees. Irony is how Americans think low oil prices are a good thing, I guess they think we can only get oil by bombing other countries.

Real estate prices are still too high, retail is still surviving.

I work for a communications company managing networks for large corporations. So I am good for a while, I think..

I am also a fashion designer with a freedom and liberty style.

Well, I'm in Europe, center of the Netherlands

near the town of Utrecht. Things haven't changed as much as they did in the States yet, but you already see stores struggling, the big sell-out started after Christmas. MediaMarkt, a giant German electronics-store, sells everything without sales taxes, Philips (electronics) and ING (bank) cut tens of thousands of jobs just this monday.

It's very cold in Holland this winter. We've had our first real frost period since 1997, and there are even talks about an Elfstedentocht (famous Frisian ice skating tour). The cold, dry air, the gusty winds, it all reminds everyone that times are feeble at the least. People are starting to wake up, half of my family, colleagues and friends can't make ends meet anymore. All our government does is give more billions of our money to big banks - 55 billion dollars just yesterday, about 300 billion in total now.

I think we can see the first wave of massive job cuts in mid February here. It's going down the drain fast, I get scared just reading the newspaper. Our vice-president even calls for 'a fresh Dutch nationalism', which would make his so-called democratic socialist workers party essentially the NSDAP. He meant it in the bad way, by forcing us to believe in our country when everything we ever believed in and loved falls apart.

>Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus to make four. If that is granted, all else follows. -Winston Smith<

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus to make four. If that is granted, all else follows.

East Texas,

just north of Houston. We escaped northern California last summer just before things got really bad. There, it took me a year and a half to find a decent job so I could get us out. Once we got here, it took me a day and a half to land a better job. It took my son a week to get something good. Where we were, he was lucky to get a part time, minimum wage job. The cost of living is lower so the dollar goes farther too. I'm nearly out of debt and am looking at foreclosures for sale.

Halliburton just laid off 80 people, but a friend of mine just got a job with them too. There are still more jobs than people. Unemployment is low. Pretty much the only people not working are the people that don't want to work. I know of at least one potential major employer that is rethinking moving to the area for lack of qualified help. Everyone that is qualified is already working.

We just got a new Olive Garden and a new JCPenney. A couple of restaurants have closed but when I went to dinner with a friend last week, there was a 45 min wait. We're not feeling too much of a pinch here yet. After I sent out my Christmas cards/letters, half of California wants to move here.

Just heard on Springfield Mo news:

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp, one of the largest paper recyclers, just filed for Chapter 11 and will close two facilities in Springfield, Mo and one in Rogers, Arkansas.

Also Missouri unemployment rate for December was the highest rate in 25 years. I won't quote the rate because we all know they rig the numbers to look better than they are.

Tracker Marine, the boat building division of Bass Pro Shops, is cutting back one shift and laying off workers.

Willow Brook Foods is closing and laying off 780 workers in Springfield. (Packaged foods)

One business that seems to be doing well is a local salvage grocery store. Going there is like a scavenger hunt where you never know what you will find, but if you are careful to check expiration dates, you can get some great deals, usually half or less of what WalMart charges for the same things. I have a friend who likes to take pot luck on dented cans with no labels for ten cents each; if he doesn't like what he gets he mixes it in with his dog's food.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


Just make sure your friend is safe. Botulism is a nasty nasty nasty little gem in those dented cans occasionally.

Eric Hoffer

Western (and Eastern) North Carolina...

Live in Western NC where the job market has slowed considerably. Last month I graduated with a bachelors in Environmental Studies and can't find a job even remotely related to my field. Considering I live in the home of the American conservation movement and in a highly sought eco-tourism destination, this alone should paint the grim picture. I have no issue working hard at a job that I am 'overqualified' for...but I can't even find one of those. I had a temporary job lined up throwing chicken fingers in a deep fryer at a new fast food resturaunt that was nearing it's opening but the final bits of construction have been haulted.

I am currently on the outer banks of Eastern NC (spending time with my girlfriend and looking for work), but the economy here is basically non-existent in the winter time. I'd say a good percentage of the folks here have to draw welfare during the winter months, as they rely soley on tourism during the spring and summer for their small businesses (no corporate businesses on this tiny island). I am looking at a job with the National Park Service, which would be wonderful - but it is seasonal and would do little to sustain me and the high cost of living here.

Luckily my parents are the most loving and wonderful people to ever grace the earth, and have offered to support me in a pursuit for a masters in education. Teaching Environmental Science is a passion of mine, but I refuse to take out any loans or burden my family with the full costs of graduate school.

So basically im stuck in cold weather, away from home on the other side of the state, looking for a job that will help keep me afloat for a bit and give me the money I need for grad school. I've got all the support and love I need...just no economic environment to flourish in.

Obama sure talks like he has a plan to create all these 'green' jobs, and I sure hope that plan comes through - i'll be first waiting in line.


We're doing well here. My father and I opened a laboratory standards production facility a little over a year ago. We've hired our second employee now for sales and market research, and we're increasing sales pretty steadily.

Also started a DBA for helping companies with toxic substances on site file their Tier II forms for the EPA. With Obama in office, I'm expecting the EPA to begin cracking down more and more on companies, and we're in a great position to help them avoid penalties. Each mistake can cost a company around $10,000 per DAY it's wrongly reported. In addition we're helping them write and distribute their emergency readiness forms to fire departments and health facilities in the area.

We're really excited about the coming year. Now is DEFINITELY the time to start your own business and manufacturing a quality product is the way to do it. It's the right foot to get America back on track.

www.idealgases.com - The best in lab standards and for calibrating gas monitors.
www.energylake.org - For all of your EPA reporting needs and concerns, also specializing in any and all toxic gas consulting needs.

End Shameless Plug

Eric Hoffer

central coast California

Lots of people losing their houses , not making house payments for a long time before they get foreclosed. A lot less on the shelves in the grocery stores and even Walmart. Overtime has been cut and hours have been cut and people were counting on the overtime, government workers are being furloughed, as somebody mentioned Cal Trans not paying contractors. Lots of empty office space and empty bank owned houses. Still prices are high though even though stores are empty, like Kohls and Penney's, I don't know why the prices don't go down?

Michigan Sucks!


****Keep Out******

****Disaster Area*****

Some of the Headlines

FBI investigates City Officials for taking bribes. (Kwamee back in the news)

GM cuts 2000 more jobs

Bay City Man lost life trying to stay warm

Lions are 0-16
No article needed

State takes over Detroit Public Schools

Michigan Residents can't pay their medical bills

Property values decline as property Taxes rise

Wayne County Sheriff declares State of Emergency

Suppliers to the Auto Industry seek 10 billion in aid


For Freedom!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Hey sonny

Ohio does suck, I am stuck here in this hellhole of a winter right along side you, what a bad one this has been. On top of that, everyone I talk to is going broke. Hang on tight.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Out here in the middle of nowhere

(4 corners USA) life is still good. There's energy development here, which keeps a lot of people working and passing money around. The residential construction sector has taken a hit, but building trades people are still staying busy doing whatever it takes to get by: remodels, decks, plowing snow, ski patrol, selling weed, etc. The good builders are still building, but not nearly at the pace of the past 8 years (which is actually a good thing, it was insane). I spent the last 2 weeks traveling between southern NM and here. Las Cruces is still rockin' along. Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos are still vibrant based on what I saw in the hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. I think all the wide open spaces, sunshine and blue skies help keep people's attitudes positive. I know it helps me, along with a little help from my friends once in a while, if you know what I mean.

Heard from a friend that went to a pricey lodge type place..

in PA, that it was packed last weekend with the indoor waterpark full and lines at the buffet all for $500.00 per night! He does very well as an airline pilot and a trader and he is acutely aware of what is coming, but he can certainly afford the weekend.

But like me, he was surprised at how many people continue speeding down the road in their obliviously consumptive lives completely unaware of the "bridge out" sign as they near a gorge ahead.

What you saw is about to end...people will soon wish that they had spent their money on canned goods or solar panels rather than a weekend on the slopes.

**“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” ~ Mark Twain **

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

Greetings from the Marianas

The Marianas are a string of islands in the Pacific, sort of between Hawaii and the Philippines. They are lovely, but the U.S. has imposed its will here, as the islands are a U.S. territory (colony). As of June 1, courtesy of Homeland Security, many of the 'aliens' (Filipinos, Chinese) will be sent home. This will cut 10% of the population and many shops and businesses that employ these people will be caught short. Even worse, the tawdry karaoke bars will probably close - and they are great fun.

The governor is fighting all this, since we don't have true representation in Congress - just one person, who has no voting priviledges. A law firm has agreed to help, pro bono, which is good. Long ago the U.S. and the Marianas entered into a 'covenant' which allowed a certain amount of autonomy: the islands could pretty much rule themselves. Concessions had to be made to airport security, but not much else. But where the U.S. government is concerned, power grabs are a matter of course.

Where this 'Federalization' will end is anybody's guess. The best thing about living here is that there are no winters, food is available locally, and the people are generally happy. Tell you one thing about these islands; the people know how to survive on very little, and that is comforting.

Hafa adai!

They should kick the

They should kick the Japanese off that island too who are illegally working there. I lived in Guam a long time ago and I'll tell you, that pissed me off! I tried calling immigration on them and the authorities there did absolutely nothing.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and I live and work in Japan. If I were to try and work here illegally my ass would be deported very very quick.

Funny how some Americans think about immigration, but when the shoe is on the other foot it isn't so funny after all....

If Guam needs workers so bad it should turn to the mainland. I'm sure there are thousands of familes in the US that would kill to live and work on a beautiful island--no one ever discusses that though!

And what are you surviving on there?

I mean, how did you get there, how long did it take, what income do you have? I'm very interested in going just about anywhere.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

The Marianas

I am one of the lucky few who inherited some money when my parents died. This allowed me the mobility to move to the Marianas. Northwest and Continental airlines fly to Saipan and Guam. It's a long flight, but not terrible.

The islands are a good place to be - under the U.S. flag, but still pretty far off the radar.

Someone asked on this site

Someone asked on this site before where they should move and I told them Guam. Yes, Guam is a Commonwealth but you can get off the radar very easy if you want to. I did it for 3 years and I would consider it again after I have enough money saved to retire. It's not a place to educate a child though unless you have the ability to homeschool.

Which island are you on? I've been to Saipan, Rota, Palua, and my favorite was Pohnpei--great diving without the tourism.

I'm praying for you, me and all of us

I'm gonna do a post with thoughts and advice for those of us going through the pinch. I don't claim to be an expert, but I've been well off and I've been poor. I guess I'm reasonably good at being both. But I didn't want to take the thread OT.

Reminds me of a quote

from Mae West:
"I've been rich and I've been poor. And honey, it's better to be rich."

Here in Iowa....

It's terrible. Our friends have all been layed off, most of their unemployment claims have been denied. People are advertising on the local radios looking for any kind of work, from shoveling snow to odd-jobs. Those are the same people that had good paying jobs last year. Knowing that Obama is the new President and Hillary is our new Secretary of State it just makes the outcome look that much more dismal.

I mentioned before and will again

For those who are in dire straits or are about to be, check up on your local elderly population, find the senior living communities. Ask if you can help shovel, garden, cook, drive to appointments, change lightbulbs. I AM SERIOUS. My mother-in-law has been paying people to help her out for the last couple of years, and now has a live-in from Russia whom she pays $1000/week, and pays her room and board. This is the cheapest going rate here in CT as well. All her friends are constantly looking for handymen, cooks, rides to dr. appts, etc. You can help someone AND make $$.
Look into it.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Yeah, Tell me

They are not in cahoots! Obama hates Hillary and then towards the end of his campaign he calls her in the office for a secret meeting, then when he wins, he appoints her! then Bidens wife slips up and says Hillary had her choices within BO new cabniet! Im telling you folks it's all one big racket! The WHOLE political process works together, do you really think they don't? At least the ones who matter do. Remember Stalins words, "It does not matter who you vote for. We ( illuminati ) always win".

Those two...

....are the worst possible scenario. It's like having Satan and Hitler running things. (Or Satan and Saddam...and then I think about the Southpark movie and giggle...)


I heard that it was Biden that had HIS choice of the Vice Presidency or Secretary of State.

New Hampshire has a low unemployment rate,

but I recently joined that laid-off segment. That's good, though, because I needed time to develop my own business. I formed Preparedness Equipment, LLC and am cranking out product that should sell better the more desperate times get.

I plan to expand the garden this spring and create other survival-type products and services for my company.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

here in nc cabarrus cty

have 5 rentals and all tenents are at least a month behind due to bad economy and bad choices. bad thing is if i make them leave, rents are also dropping in this area and would have to probably have to drop ours to get them filled. we clean out foreclosed homes, so we still are working; not a ton though, too many people vying for the same work.

the lesser of two evils is still evil

Chicago 'burbs

I personally can't complain. I live below my means in a blue collar neighborhood low taxes that has a lot of Hispanics. My neighbors all seem to have jobs and we have about 2-3 houses per block in foreclosure. A few are actually being re-sold.

There is a 1 - 2 year old new condominium complex next town over where only 20% of the units have been sold and they are having a tough time unloading them. Average selling price 210K now and predicted to go even lower.

Nobody that I know personally has been laid off. There is light to heavy industry near by and the parking lots look like a lot of people are still working.

We have restaurants up the azz all over, 3 Subways (1 new) within 5 minutes of each other and a Quizno's to boot, plus a brand new Burger King. I can eat all I want at Old Country Buffet between 1-3 for 5.99 five days a week. The help at OCB has had their hours cut.

There is a perfusion of grocery stores and more opening every day. Competition is stiff. Avocado's .39, milk 1.99, eggs 1.29, bread 1.29, bananas .39 on and on. Of course you can find stores to charge you more.

One local bank is paying over 3%, 10K min. on MMA's including IRA's.

Cheapest gas 1.85 Costco, everywhere else up to 1.99 generally.

Something is coming soon.

Did you notice how Obama is sitting and waiting for an event? An event to catalyze his change? Things will not move the slowly his entire presidency.

Here in Lancaster County, PA. Things are relatively good compared to the rest of the country, but they are bad compared to before. Jobs are much harder to come by. I am friends with someone who works in refugee resettlement and has to find jobs for people. He said it is extremely difficult right now.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea that the government is the one creating all these problems. Oh how I despise the media!