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So how are things in your neck of the woods? Here in

N.E. Ohio it's cold - economy is poor. The State is talking about large cuts in services coming. Up the road in Cleveland they are all excited about 680 million coming in a Obama Stimulus Package. For the first time ever the local Walmart is not hiring for the 11 - 7 shift, maybe that says all.

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things are crappy in CA..

The state is broke, and is now issuing IOU's to contractors and employees come the first of feb.

The weather is good, air is clean, but the taxes are high and the environmental nazi's are out to control us here.

I also read that unemployment is approaching 10% in the golden state.

That's what happens when you get a bunch of pompous-ass democrats with a RINO (Schwarzenegger) running the state who can't help but spend and tax. At least the few republicans left are not allowing any tax increases yet, which is why the state hasn't passed a budget.

Democrats = we'll spend your money before the sun goes down and then some.... layoffs are only for the private sector.... we have to keep spending...

Republicans = we'll spend your money too but will gripe about it when the democrats spend $1 more than we did..... plus we'll be happy to support taking away liberties when it favors the military industrial complex regime...

Feeling pretty screwed....

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


I grew up in Rochester, Minn. Go Vikiings/Twins!!!!!!

Here in central Texas, the economy is still strong. Fewer jobs, and housing has stopped increasing in cost (finally). We are in neutral, pretty much. Our economy is not growing as fast as it was, but we are holding strong due to all of the people moving here. But you can tell, people are worried about their jobs. Most of the people I work with can't wait for Obama to send another round of stimulus checks. I keep trying to explain that the government does not have any money to give, without taking it first. But most people just have that lust for free stuff. They can't understand that we all have to pay in the long run.

Slow, very slow

I rented out a jackhammer at 7:20 am this morning, sat down on the couch in the backroom, and woke up again about 12:30 pm when my son called to tell me he was about to take a nap, (he's 3 & 1/2 actually my mom dialed for him :), then I refilled two propane tanks, and went back to sleep till about 2:30pm, right now I am watching Good Eat's episodes on youtube, and reading the dailypaul.

Saturday, it rained and all I rented was a drain snake, so in the last 2 days I have been open I have had a revenue of about $130 dollars, at least I don't have any employees to worry about, just my family and the bank. It is supposed to be about 73 degrees and sunny tomorrow maybe some folks will get froggy and want to do something.

This time of year is supposed to be slow for me, tool & equipment rental is usually a seasonal business anyway, March through early November, what stinks is the cushion that I build up over the summer didn't happen last year. Remember back last summer when the economy was strong, well I could have told you then it wasn't.

Thank you Dr. Paul for making me act on what I already knew was right.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

I live in South Florida...

... ground zero of the housing bubble and Madoff's Southern Head Quarters. If I need say more the word "Depression" comes to mind. Our service economy with out tourist looks more like one big Ghost Town from Daytona to the Keys. At least the weather is nice.

Things are different.

I'm self employed and have a Remodeling-home repair business which I've run for over 25 years inside the D.C. Beltway on the MD side. Things are definetly much slower. I've run two small advertising campaigns both of which have pretty much bombed. Guess it's pay back for all those fat years, and this is supposed to be better than most places with the Feds here and all. Fortunately, I never bought into the fantasy that the boom was going to last so I managed to save a little bit of money. Feel sorry for some of the guys who work with me who spendt every penny out of neccessity. Of course my money will run out soon too. Scarey.


Things must be REALLY bad if you're seeing a downturn in the DC area. Traditionally in good times DC / Beltway got big and in bad times...even bigger.

i work in healthcare in ny

hiring freeze everywhere. the restaurants in the city are half full at best. the cab driver told me today that he doesnt drive cabs but he was layed of from an it job along with another few 100. a few of my buddies in the construction union are layed off. people are getting angry. as soon as this stimulas plan ruins the dollar there will be a revolt.

Minneapolis, MN

Not too bad here, I do know that the state is getting ALOT of money from the gov to fix the roads, ever since the bridge fell out here.

"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."
Thomas Jefferson


"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."
Thomas Jefferson


Long Island NY

Just moved back from Long Island, NY to NEO (NE Ohio). The island is way to overpriced and the jobs dont match the living standards. Car insurance, electric, and heating oil are all too high also. It's so bad even the day laborers are moving back home. Cut backs and lack of production are spreading to every middle/lower class person.

Milwaukee Wi

Harley Davidson is laying off 600 employees.

Canadian Pacific Railway is hiring, they added more coal trains on the MN, WI and IL routes.

The weather is terrible, COLD...we live in a tourist town on the WI./ IL border. Lots of "FIB's" still spending their money here.

More "For Sale" signs on homes and apartment buildings. Many have been there at least 6 months to a year. A few small (newer) business's have closed. Some "for rent" signs in vacant commercial buildings.

I am noticing a few more specials at restaurants. Buy one meal get the second half price. And of course McDonald's is doing their "2fer" drink sales.

I am seeing more TV ads from places who previously did little advertising. Furniture stores come to mind.

WI in general has many counties that have depleted most of their snow removal dollars and suppplies (salt and sand) and it is only January. (So much for global warming).

I don't understand why hospitals lay off workers. Is that just an excuse to overwork the already overworked hospital personnel? People don't stop getting sick just because the economy is bad. Or could it be that American citizens are neglecting their health care? I know we have cut back on doctor visits because of co-pays. Especially for follow-up visits.

Of course after reading Kevin Trudeau's books I have drastically changed my attitude toward the healthcare industry, especially pharmeceutical companies. Think long and hard about your illness before taking prescription drugs. The side effects from prescription and over the counter drugs may be worse than the condition you are treating.

Doctors are not taught preventive care in college (maybe one semester?). Those colleges are funded by the pharmeceutical companies, so in turn the emphasis is on teaching doctors how to prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms. They are not educated to prevent or stop the CAUSE of the illness. Medicine or surgery = ($$$$). They want you on drugs for the rest of your life. If drugs truly cured people then life insurance policies would be less expensive for people on prescription drugs? This is a business linked to many very wealthy congressmen (directly or indirectly) involved with the FDA APPROVAL of new drugs, and those same stocks are purchased by our representatives. I think it is a "form" of insider trading and a conflict of interests.

I realize I got away from the original topic, but in these hard times I would
encourage people to check out alternative medicine. Start with Dr Mercola (huge fan of Dr Paul).

Here's a thought on the medical/hospital layoffs.....

Most people who no longer have a job no longer have insurance, either. Yes, if you are laid off, you are entitled to be able to keep your insurance going thru a program called COBRA .... but wow, is it expensive!! The stats say only 9% of folks who lose their job opt to keep insurance through COBRA. So ... kinda puts the brakes on any medical forrays except for emergencies!

Check out: www.cancerfungus.com

People can cure many cancers themselves with about 5 bucks worth of baking soda (use food grade not supermarket baking soda).

Average cost of cancer treatment by the cancer industry is $350,000, and then you die. Deep cancers (including brain cancer) require a doctor's help.

Please spread this information ... the msm surely won't.

Habanero sandwiches daily

I also read that habanero sandwiches can also shrink or disappear tumors. That is if you can stand to have your mouth feel like it's on fire everyday. But it's cheap and accessible. Also buy some Habanero seeds, in case you can't find them at the store.

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

More info please.

Website, books? Colon and liver cancer? Thank you.4GodinVA.

(I am also 4God and 4Freedom).

PS: Never mind, I realize you included the website in the heading. My bad.

A cure...

....I've been studying for quite some time is Flor Essence 4 herb tea. Original Rene Caisse recipe. Has cured cancer since the 30s. Cure John F. Kennedy's personal doctors cancer. Take 2 oz with 2 oz hot water 3x per day. Cleanses the liver and helps with insulin dependent diabetics also. Much safer than chemo and radiation. You can also get 4 herb tea at www.herbalhealer.com


I'll check out the site...at first glance I noticed chelation products also.

You're so very welcome!

The tea has no side effects and interferes with no other medication or treatment, and it's tasty! I look forward to my cup every evening (I take it once a day for prevention and to purify the blood). I wish you the best of health!

I forgot to add....

.... a great book with lots of information is The Essiac Report. Can probably get a copy cheap on ebay. Full of facts and testimonials, but beware where you get your tea, make sure it is a reputable company that uses pure ingredients...a lot of substitutions are out there. Wishing you good health!

In Washington State...

Communists in the Washington State Legislature are proposing a state income tax -- again.

I'm worried the liberal populace may go for it because of threats to cut state services (aka: entitlements).

People of Washington: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT this.

Don't go the way of the SHEEPLES in Massachusetts who had a chance to VOTE OUT their income tax -- but voted to KEEP it.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I'm in WA too.

I've lived here my whole life. Since I was born they've been talking about replacing the viaduct, whether to put in a light rail system and whether or not to institute a state income tax. This has got to be the most wishy-washy state in the country!
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Yep...thats why I moved far far away from the Left Coast...

And to the Gulf Coast....I'm a political refugee :)

“Let a man never stir on his road a step without his weapons of war; for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise of a spear on the way without.” - Odin

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Well...State income tax in...


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Up the road in Cleveland -

whereabouts are you? I'm orig. from Bath
I'm now in Northern Virginia - unemployment not as bad here as in other parts of the country because so many are employed by or work for a company connected to the government. There are very, very few help wanted ads in the local paper, though. Never seen so few.


is the best place to live, I'm from Fairfax and Annandale (my family has been in annandale and fairfax since the early 1900s and way before the asian and mexican emmigrants!) Love that place, great place to grow up. Its growing way to fast though, too many people, now I'm in the country in western-central Forida. Things here in Bradenton economically are alright, some stores closed, a cleaners shop closed just the other day, but other then that not a lot.


ABQ, NM has seen some

ABQ, NM has seen some layoffs and restaurant closings. My small business is like a yo yo. Busy one week, dead the next. Real estate is said to be down only 6% but houses are sitting on the market longer. Retail spaces are very abundant and I suspect that the price per square foot will start to go down. There are way too many commercial spaces and not enough retailers.

The weather is weird for us, way too warm for this time of year, near 60 degrees today. The norm is 48 for an average temp in January.

My sister lives in Tallmadge, OH are you near by?

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero”. Voltaire-1729

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero”. Voltaire-1729

Auto Central Michigan

The foreclosures are escalating and the neighbors exchange layoff timing rumors now as a past-time.

It's very cold (much more so than last year) and we are 2" away from having a full season of snow already with 3-4 months left to go. The husband and I went out to dinner-we frequent locally owned spots over the "chains" when we can go out in the hope they somehow survive. I'd guess there were around half the number that would have been there for dinner in better times.

Love the poem above!
"But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay"


Michigan and I don't even want to talk about the weather. bump for others.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Or the economy, for that

Or the economy, for that matter. I think Michigan has been in a depression since about the last time the Lions won a playoff game.

That being said, we had three families get laid off in the past couple weeks in my small church alone (less than 100 people). There is a lot of talk about people having to choose between paying the electricity bill or the heating bill.

Not too bad in UT yet...

There have been layoffs, but most of our small and large tech firms are still producing and our local banks and credit unions are still solvent.

The biggest hit that we have taken seems to be the same real-estate correction that everyone else has experienced. Many (including myself) have had the misfortune of buying a McMansion .... stupid houses are worth nearly 20% less now. Live and learn though, not looking back on that one.

Utah people tend to be pretty industrious and thrifty and the cost of living is relatively low. Oracle is still building a new data center in my neighborhood that will create 800 new jobs. If you are a techie and need work, this isn't a bad place to be.


Lots of foreclosures around the area. Mostly seen in the gated communities that were built in mass in the last few years. We're starting now to see more store closings. We've recently had several gigantic malls finished in the area and I'm wondering what will become of them. It looks like they finished them at exactly the wrong time. We should have a little money coming in soon though as the Superbowl will be arriving and the area is getting geared up for it. I've been looking at the local papers and craigslist to see when people start to sell their hobby equipment and fun stuff. (Jet skis, motorcycles, classic cars, boats) hasn't started too much yet. I have noticed many many more pawn shops opening and they all say "we buy gold".

"The credit expansion boom is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits. It must collapse.", www.mises.org

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com