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So how are things in your neck of the woods? Here in

N.E. Ohio it's cold - economy is poor. The State is talking about large cuts in services coming. Up the road in Cleveland they are all excited about 680 million coming in a Obama Stimulus Package. For the first time ever the local Walmart is not hiring for the 11 - 7 shift, maybe that says all.

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Rural Western Nebraska

Biggest town = 25,000. Lots of agriculture, railroad (coal haulig). Other biggest industries = state of the art Regional Hospital, some small manufacturing.

Haven't been hit hard yet. # of help wanted ads decreasing! The first newspaper article stating that things are not normal was yesterday, relaying the news that sales tax revenues have been down us much as $60,000/month (just for the City's portion) since April. That's a lot for this little place. Hmmmm ... interesting that they have kept it quiet until now!

Nebraska will reportedly have $377,000,000 shortfall in state revenue over this next 2 year period. Not too bad, I guess, compared with other states. The state legislaure is putting off doing the next 2-year budget for a couple months ... to give them more time to see what is happening during the first few months of this year.

So overall, in a place that doesn't boom naturally, not too much of a noticable slump yet. But you can see that it's catching up with us.

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I lived in Gering at the turn of the century. How many ....

coal trains are going through town these days? I also heard that doctors have been leaving town. True? Number of houses for sale there? I'm just curious about my old stomping ground. Thanks for any further info.


Lots of coal trains ... still .... haven't really noticed a decrease in those, but the railroad is starting to lay off folks in NE and WY.

Yes, Drs leaving town, especially Orthopedics. Here's what I heard ...
the hospital just received some big award, like being one of the top 5% Orthopedic Hospitals/Drs. in the nation. So the Orthopods are being hired away from the area? I also know that 3 or so of the old Guard Orthos retired, etc, etc. Are you medical? Also, more and more, all the Drs. in town are becoming one big entity, one big business ... all related to the hospital as well. (Instead of their own private practice) If I was them, that would affect my job satisfaction. In my opinion, this town is kind of a company town ... by the hospital. I know ... I am medical also. Although I don't work at the hospital anymore. The hospital is definitely the main business. I think it employs over 1500 now.

188 houses for sale within 10 miles of Scottsbluff right now (I just checked on Realtor.com). I'm surprised ... that seems pretty low compared to what I've seen in the last few years. But like I said, I haven't reard of really huge layoffs here yet ... just little ones here and there.

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Thanks 'truth,' for that info.

Yes, I'm medical. I worked at PCS-Health Center. I was the outside independent doc not beholding to the big business med. groups in Scottsbluff. I found the med. environment to be exactly as you have described it to be. There is an in group and an out group...I was the later and happy that I was not dependent on them to survive.
The hospital is certainly the big employer in the entire region.
The meat packing plant in Gering was something else that comes to mind. There were many Hispanics who worked there. I guess that is still going all right.
I read your other comment below about why there are so few houses for sale. That makes sense also. Since the unemployment is low. people are staying around. I hope that the job losses don't ever hit there. Gering, where I lived, was generally not that well-off.

The meat packing plant closed a couple years ago.

Remember when we started hearing about the Med Cow they found from Canada imported from Canada? They started being more restrictive on slaughtering older cows .... which is what this meat packing plant's specialty was. So it's gone.

I'm a PT, worked at the hospital for 3 years. Have been wondering what's happening in medical fields in other places. Heard that the hospital in Kearney NE has been laying off people.

Actually, I just figured out why the number of houses for sale

is smaller than usual. People aren't putting their houses for sale so they can "move up". They're just staying where they are. There haven't been major layoffs yet, so folks aren't really leaving town.

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In Downtown Crossing, there are so many empty & boarded up stores. There used to be a Filene's and a Filene's Basement there, which really anchored the retail sector. Those stores are now closed as they renovate the beautiful old building that those stores were in, and build a brand new office / condo tower next door. For a while, the new construction project was suspended due to funding, but for the time being, I think it is back on.

And, there are a LOT more homeless people, not only in that area, but also in the Central Square / Harvard Square areas in Cambridge. In Arlington, I've noticed that a lot of stores have closed down, and there are a lot of empty storefronts. As Cambridge became more expensive, Arlington got more expensive as well. There were a lot of boutique shops that have gone under, some restaurants and a couple of car dealers. One standalone restaurant building has been vacant for over two years now. The Hollywood video near my house closed down last year, and has been sitting vacant ever since.

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South of Boston, there are

South of Boston, there are also a lot of empty stores. I was in Dedham over the weekend and noticed an abundance of "For Lease" signs. Circuit City closed a year or so ago, Tweeter closed or is closing, Krispy Kreme built a ton of shops in MA that have all closed, all of the local video stores have closed (due to Netflix etc. I'm sure). At the same time, I see a lot of new construction, which baffles me. I am pretty sure that as the retail sector sputters and more and more stores close, there will be no new businesses to take their places, and we are going to see the commercial real estate bubble burst.

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Also, as a poker player, I

Also, as a poker player, I go to Foxwoods semi-regularly and I've noticed a drastic drop in the amount of people there.

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” -George Bernard Shaw

Southern California:

Mostly sunny with 9% unemployment, and a chance of state insolvency.

You know things are bad when even the big guys like IBM (where some folks I know work) are having 'layoffs.'

But hey, at least the weather's nice!

Here in NE TN we've had 2 hospital's layoff and Eastman

has a wage and hiring freeze and laidoff contract workers and several other companies have closed their doors.

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It really didn't seem...

that we were affected here in the Memphis area for a long while. Everything seemed bad "elsewhere" but not here. That is beginning to change.

We have lost 3 restaurants in my city in the last 3 months. One had been here for 20 years. He blamed it on the "no smoking ban" in restaurants that was put in place at the end of last year. Our county is beginning to lose businesses one by one now. I see more empty parking lots at restaurants with notes on the door now.

Of course our Circuit City's will be closing like everyone elses. World Market is closing here (I don't know about the rest of the country). A Goody's that's been here only right at a year is going out of business.

I am seeing hitchhikers now all the time and I haven't seen that since the 80's. There are people walking everywhere (not that it's a bad thing). More and more houses going up for sale.

I only wish I had known in 2003 when we started our asphalt maintenance business that we needed to go into a "recession proof" business instead of one that is expendable when capital money gets tight.


Need a job?....be willing to move!

Southern Louisiana is still booming - with all the drilling being done off the coast (and likely to stay booming for at least the next few years) work on rigs is easy to find, and even easier to find from all the companies that provide services to the rigs - The only place I've ever seen billboards advertizing help wanted - from Houma, La all the way to Texas.

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Report from my Father in Washington State...

With the layoffs at Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing..all the smaller companies you dont hear about are cutting back too....my dad worked as a manager at a chrysler dealership that closed its doors in september..he has retired a few years ahead of schedule...but the younger guys that worked there are out of luck - theres pretty much a hiring freeze at all dealerships in the area.....(I'm happy I didnt stay in car sales - or in Washington!)

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Also in Washington State

People have taken to the streets
protesting the closing of schools
in Seattle.The housing market
has all but dried up.I see neighbors with their houses for
sale for months and still no buyers.

Hey Zak - your post may help others

I am working full time & my wife thank goodness also has a good job.

In my area the only strong job growth is in the health care field & education somewhat. No BillBoards here - that must be kinda cool to see something like that

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I work offshore in South

I work offshore in South Louisiana and I am still working pretty steady. I tend to stay offshore 8 to 9 months a year and make a decent living. I would say I am protected some what because while the getting was good the average Joe was spoiled and refused to come offshore because He wanted to stay home with his family. I now have 11 years working on 12 out here with only 1 minor hick up where I was laid off 6 years ago. I think the drilling will be getting slow before long but the salvage bussiness will be going for quite some time due to the dems ordering the oil companies to clean up their crap. Most of the barge companies have hundreds of platforms to do and that will take years especially since they only have 10 barges tops that can do the work. My cousin just got a job with a spanish company working over seas so their is still hiring going on. Lafayette's economy is 11% oil related and We are keeping the rest a float for right now. I haven't noticed anything changing around town and You wouldn't know if You looked at the restraunts on friday nights. I would recommend that any father that is willing to do anything to take care of his family to move to Lafayette. The only thing keeping you from working down here is a good work ethic and the ability to do without ....