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For SC Residents--I reduced my SC Cherokee County vehicle PROPERTY TAX BILL by $150 Today!

When I got my bill it stated my 2007 Kia Sportage was worth $15,167 And my property tax would be $391.19! I thought there was NO WAY my car was worth that much even if I put a pound of silver on the dash! I then went to Burns Chevy in Gaffney and had my car appraised FOR FREE, And they appraised my car at $9100, and now my tax is $245.33 for the year!

They do this all the time, I suggest everyone to get your car appraised before paying this huge amount of extortion. Most car dealerships do it for free!

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for the SOUTH!


Prices are going down, so it makes sense that taxes on property would also good down.

Its not that

They just try to get more tax money from everyone!