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Billions In Recovery Bill For Fraud-Infested ACORN

A radical leftist “community group” known for its fraudulent voter registration drives will get billions of taxpayer dollars under the Democrats’ massive spending bill, approved last week by the House Appropriations Committee.

Scheduled for a full U.S. House of Representatives vote this week, President Barack Obama’s controversial trillion-dollar economic recovery package was supposed to focus on creating jobs and immediate tax relief to stimulate the ailing economy.

Instead the monstrous spending bill will fund dozens of new government programs, contraceptives, colleges and universities with billion-dollar endowments and leftwing groups like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), for years under perpetual federal investigation.

Already largely funded with U.S. tax dollars, Chicago-based ACORN will get a big chunk of $4.19 billion allocated for “neighborhood stabilization activities” under the proposed stimulus package. Incredibly, groups like ACORN are not eligible to receive public funds that purpose because only state and local governments meet the requirements under a 2008 law.

In an effort to block the more outrageous provisions of the spending bill, House Republican Leader John Boehner has made this alarming information public. His congressional web site provides all sorts of figures like the tens of millions of tax dollars—not including millions more in federal grants—that ACORN has received through the years, despite its well-documented history of fraud.

Read the rest at: http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2009/jan/billions-recovery...

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It appears

Obama pays back his debts...Acorn must have gotten lots of votes for him. I heard this morning that the Obamas are going to use the same designers to redecorate that shabby ol' White House as was used for Merrill Lynch. Wakey, wakey...this country is wobbling on its knees in debt and yet the whole plan is spend.

So much for the outlaw of earmarks

Obama must have excluded himself from his own anti-earmark provisions.