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Can anyone got the bill # for the bill on gun control? Thanks


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I got this from a meetup email today




This is kind of long, but it needs everyone's action.

HR 45 -- Gun Rights Licensing Test

Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, from Obama's home state and with a voting
record on gun ownership as bad as Obama's, introduced a bill on the first
day of the 111th Congress that shows what we can expect. If we don't
defeat this bill, and others expected to follow it, gun owners will lose
guns and the industry will suffer harm beyond description.

Under HR 45, if you can't pass a complex test written by the U.S. Attorney
General (described in detail below), pay the tax, give up fingerprints and
a biometric-capable photo of yourself (that can be turned into a digital
facial-recognition number and used as a de facto national ID), every gun
you own will become contraband and subject to confiscation, while you
stand trial before imprisonment. You'd think Bobby, a former black
panther, would know better.

Your rights will have an expiration date, and if you screw up and miss it,
you'll be in the same mess as people who can't pass the test. Can you say
"unconstitutional"? Do you think these "gun bigots" care?

Now that the Supreme Court has made it clear in the Heller case that
government can't ban guns, the Brady's have stopped saying they want to
ban guns. So the virtually treasonous Bobby Rush bill doesn't ban guns, it
bans gun owners, maybe by the millions. How many gun owners read poorly or
don't test well? How many can't explain local, state and federal gun laws?
They'd become prohibited possessors under HR 45. Are there any limits to
what the AG can put on the test? The bill doesn't mention any -- it gives
the AG a free hand to include anything.

Had enough? HR 45 has an innocent-looking line that says 'strike the
second sentence of 18 USC 926(a)'. That's the line that says the federal
government cannot make a central registry of gun owners.

The anti-rights people have to repeal that line, because Bobby's bill
flat-out creates a central gun registry. Every gun owner must be
registered to keep on possessing the guns they already own, and any
transfer of any kind must be registered as well. The mark of the beast is
upon us, to apply a metaphor.

See the bill for yourself (click "Bill Number" and enter "HR 45"):

Read the gun-ban list the antis have already published:

Get a book on how you can be more effectively politically:

Here's my detailed analysis of the bill, in plain English.

HR 45

The bill starts with a statement of purpose that says: " because the
intrastate and interstate trafficking of firearms are so commingled, full
regulation of interstate commerce requires the incidental regulation of
intrastate commerce." Basically, this eliminates the Tenth Amendment and
the Interstate Commerce Clause. The Constitution can't legally be amended
by statute. Is that enough to seek Mr. Rush's removal from office? I won't
bore you with the other "purposes" which are as bad or worse.

Only "qualifying firearms" are affected. That means any handgun, or any
semi-auto firearm that has a removable magazine (what they call a "
detachable ammunition feeding device").

After the bill becomes law (IF it becomes law), it's illegal for you to
have or get those firearms, even if you already own them, without a
special federal license. There are grace periods up to two years to
register yourself once the law is passed.

Do you see how clever this is? You cold-dead-fingers guys can keep your
guns if you like, refuse to register yourselves, and then you're subject
to arrest on the spot. If you go anywhere with your guns -- to the range,
a store, a gunsmith, a friend's house, hunting, competition -- and you're
spotted, you go straight to jail. If you're already on a list (can anyone
say "carry permit" or "hunting license"?) and you don't sign up, well,
just connect those dots. Where does the cold-dead-fingers part come into
play? I'll bet the ranges will start requiring you to show your papers
before you can hit the line.

To get the license you must "submit to the Attorney General" (they chose
that phrase right by golly): a passport-type photo, identifying info, any
name you have ever used or ever been known by (I have nicknames, pen
names, stage names, omitting any presumably violates the statute) a
thumbprint, certification that any firearms will be "safely" stored and
out of possession of people under 18, authorization to give up any mental
health records, and a certificate that you passed a government-run test.

The test must include knowledge of: safe storage, safe handling, use of
firearms at home, the risks of firearms at home, local state and federal
legal requirements for firearms, reporting requirements for firearms, and
ANY other subjects the AG decides are appropriate. You date and sign the
submission, making it perjury if your info is inaccurate.

I'm skipping some details on who can accept the form, time periods for
filing it and similar red tape on this 4,600 word bill. The AG "shall"
issue the license if you pass the test and do everything else, and also
"shall" charge you a tax for the privilege of getting your rights
licensed, up to $25 at present. This gets you a tamper-resistant photo ID
card with your official number, address, date of birth, signature and the
expiration date of your "rights" (about five years, it's complicated).
There's a renewal procedure (it's complicated) and no apparent limit on
the renewal tax you will be charged (the AG gets power to control the

The license can be revoked for cause of course, and the AG "shall" make
sure you give it up if it's revoked.

Once this thing is in place, it's illegal to transfer or receive any
affected firearm (all handguns and any semi-auto with a magazine) without
the license. Transfers can only be made to or from a licensed dealer, who
has to jump through hoops and file papers, and has 14 days to get that
done (a waiting period on the dealer's shoulders), to get government
approvals and authorization numbers.

The dealer must send the feds the gun name and/or model number, maker,
serial number, your license number, name, address and transfer date, which
the feds must store in a "Federal Record of Sale System," a permanent
national gun registry.

This needs to be said verbatim: "(c) Elimination of Prohibition on
Establishment of System of Registration -- Section 926(a) of title 18,
United States Code, is amended by striking the second sentence." That
sentence says the feds can't register the firearms Americans own:

"No such rule or regulation prescribed after the date of the enactment of
the Firearms Owners*** Protection Act [1986] may require that records
required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the
contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility
owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any
political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of
firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or dispositions be
established." The Bobby Rush bill says kiss that sentence and its
extremely crucial protections goodbye.

There are a few small exceptions for an undefined "infrequent" firearm
gift, bequest or intestate succession among parents, their kids and
grandparents and grandkids, and also for lending a firearm " for any
lawful purpose for not more than 30 days between persons who are
personally known to each other." Sloppy language in this part of the bill
bans the transfer of any firearm (not just "qualifying" firearms) between
anyone without going through the hoops.

If you lose a handgun or magazine-fed semi-auto, or if one is stolen from
you -- you've broken the law if you don't report that to the AG within 72

If you own such guns, change your address and don't notify the AG within
60 days -- you've committed a crime. In other words, they track you
non-stop or you're subject to arrest. No victim, no harm, no foul, no
evil, just government placing you in jail for failure to comply. Bobby
Rush thinks this is good law, a legitimate use of government.

If you keep in your home a loaded firearm, or an unloaded firearm and ammo
for it, and a person under 18 gets it and harms someone with it -- you've
committed a crime. There are some flimsy exceptions (like you know or
should reasonably know federal and state gun law for kids) and of course,
all the "proper" authorities -- federal, state, local, military, elected,
appointed, even employees of government on the job are exempted -- twice.
Bobby Rush says OK for thee but not for me, tee hee.

Lengthy penalty sections include two-, five- and ten-year sentences and
fines for paperwork violations, possession violations, transfer
violations, child-access violations, safe-storage violations and of
course, failure to pass the test if you still keep your guns.

The bill ends with sweeping powers for the Attorney General that could be
interpreted to mean almost anything, so the details I've described might
be little more than a smokescreen! For instance: "The Attorney General may
issue an order prohibiting the sale or transfer of any firearm that the
Attorney General finds has been transferred or distributed in violation of
this Act, an amendment made by this Act, or a regulation issued under this

There's plenty of that in here, plus endless inspection powers, injunctive
powers and even, "shall issue regulations... as the Attorney General
determines to be reasonably necessary to reduce or prevent deaths or
injuries resulting from qualifying firearms..." Is the AG someone we can
trust? Or is it someone with utter contempt for the right to keep and bear
arms? If it's Eric Holder, Obama's nominee, we get a guy who told the
Supreme Court that a total gun ban in your own home is just fine and
doesn't violate the Bill of Rights.

Oh, and one final kick in the ribs. Federalism, the idea that states have
powers the feds don't, could get in the way. So the bill makes it clear
that "...this Act may not be construed to preempt any provision of the law
of any State or political subdivision of that State... except to the
extent that the provision of law is inconsistent with any provision of
this Act or an amendment made by this Act..." I am not making this up. The
hubris and audacity of this bill's author is monumental. My lawyer friends
will tell me that legal mumbo-jumbo has become SOP, as the feds usurp any
remaining crumbs of your state's legitimate powers.

Maybe you've noticed that virtually none of this addresses criminals or
crimes. Innocent gun owners are the target. This is about controlling the
public and its private constitutionally protected property. Criminals are
guaranteed to ignore the entire plan, and in fact, criminals CANNOT apply,
since they can't possess firearms in the first place. Even if criminals
could apply, they're protected from incriminating themselves by the Fifth
Amendment, so they never would apply.

The bill of course makes no mention of this. That's my job. And people
tell me I'm paranoid, that gun bans are just a delusional fantasy of the
wacko fringe. What does that say about Bobby Rush from Illinois, the
perpetrator of this travesty. He and every co-sponsor he can find should
be removed from office. Wherever he appears, people should rise and turn
their backs on him as a gesture of disgrace.

Here's the link


Democrats' proposed gun ban list revealed
printable page
Submitted by cbaus on Thu, 01/08/2009 - 00:10.

If the following information scares or angers you, CLICK HERE TO HELP US FIGHT BACK.

By Alan Korwin

Slipping below the radar (or under the short-term memory cap), the Democrats have already leaked a gun-ban list, even under the Bush administration when they knew full well it had no chance of passage (HR 1022, 110th Congress). It serves as a framework for the new list the Bradys plan to introduce shortly.

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