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Mexico on the verge of Chaos!

this could spill over to the US.. Also a note, the tactics used by the drug cartels were tought to them by the US special forces community at Fort Bragg.. those who were taught these tactics were supposed to be police officers who were trained to fight the drug cartels.. they switched sides.


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Take out the illegality...you take out the profit...

take out the profit...you take out the death...you take out the death..it becomes a personal concern...and something that someone else wants to do with their body is hardly any of my concern.

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I agree! "When governments

I agree!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

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just got back from ensenada

paradise. and i think i have a new gf. she doesnt speak a word of english but man she is hot. local mexican chicks are so much nicer than chicks here. oh yea, drugs are way cheaper too ;)

I think it's the History

I think it's the History channel, or maybe A&E, that has the Gangland (or whatever) TV series. I stumbled upon an episode a few months back where they were showing how much gang involvement there is in the military, even going so far as showing footage of gang parties on base.

During that show, footage from a robbery was shown and analyzed... it was an ex-marine using military combat tactics in order to pull off the robbery. I'm pretty sure a theory was presented that there are many who join in order to gain these skills to use them on the street.

So, basically, it seems our military trains gang members as well, who go back to the streets after leaving the military.


haha @ switched sides !!!!

haha @ switched sides !!!!

our government is involved in drug running for black OPs the mexican cartels just do the dirty work out in the open.

the mexican police officers where probably trained how to hide and transport drugs on purpose and where to buy weapons.




it's pretty bad

it's pretty bad