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The power of a book.

Saw a topic about google making people stupid. Text msgs make us stupid too, didn't you guys know?

I've found reading. After a lifelong fascination with doing just enough to get by and "learn" the bare minimum I needed in order to move up I've finally discovered one of the oldest and most efficent information mediums the human species has ever known. - The Book.

The question I ask myself is why it took so dam long. Maybe it was the internet that opened my eyes but it was the book that allowed those eyes to see.

What does the book do for you?

Well, it allows you to immerse yourself in the world of your choice. It allows you to communicate directly with an expert in any field of your choice; allows you to understand those chosen topics with excellent clarity and without the "spin" of modern media or even another human being other than the source of information. It allows the author to whisper his ideas to you; allowing you to analyze them in the confines of your mind without fear of persecution. Books allow you to see the world through the eyes of the author on your own terms. Books give the author an uninterrupted forum in which they may speak their ideas and thoughts in entirety resting assure that once those who seek their knowledge have completed their reading the only thing left is either an agreement or a disagreement/s followed by differences that will ultimately make that piece of the universe a little more understandable by man.

Never underestimate the power of books; first they've changed the world for the better then second they will change the world back to the better.

Gods peace to all.

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I'll bump that. Although, I

I'll bump that. Although, I do alot of research on the internet, but I generally print what I find and read it offline.