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Mich. Man, 93, Froze to Death INDOORS after Utility limited his electricity use

BAY CITY, Mich. - A 93-year-old man froze to death inside his home just days after the municipal power company restricted his use of electricity because of unpaid bills, officials said.

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Listen to what Friedman has to say about a very similar issue...

go to 2:55 where they discuss the issue...

that's terrible

that's terrible .

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another; shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement” - Thomas Jefferson

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personal responsibility.

i am who i am, and im here right beside you.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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so sad.

so sad.

Country is SCREWED!

And to think the government spent billions of dollars to the Auto companies of car noone will buy!
This country is SO screwed!

No sense in it

Here we can spend billions and billions on the Great World Wide Empire and allow government institutions to suck up money like a sponge, but we can't care for the elderly or veterans.

"Sorry, the country is going broke and we can't afford it"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

"Tyrants fear nothing more than insubordination"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

Even better

would be if FedGov quit destroying our currency and stealing from the old folks.....They they'd be in a position to take care of themselves.

One thought about "the greatest generation" is that they did not stand guard back when they could have stopped so much of this from even beginning to snowball into what it has become today. I have to wonder if they are now reaping what they have sown. I certainly feel like I am reaping what they have sown.

Sign of things to come.

I went to town today to order 500 gallons of propane; wrote them a check for over $1,000; that should last me till the end of the winter, hopefully.

While I was there the woman at the counter took a call from someone. From what I could tell, the customer could not pay cash, and the propane company would not deliver without payment on delivery, and even told the customer that if they ran out, there would be an additional charge to get everything re-lighted.

What a mess! There is plenty of wood around here for an alternative means of heating, at $35 per rank (a rank is 1/3 of a chord) delivered. However, old people get to the point where they can't physically handle using wood. And in cities, you can bet that wood is not even an option.

I think that this is the wave of the future. Energy is getting too expensive in relation to income, not to mention the cost of food. The world is grossly overpopulated in relationship to resources, another way of saying that things are getting too expensive relative to income. The majority are carrying the weight of government on our backs and are being additionally plundered by all the special interests.

And people can't seem to grasp that we are on the verge of civil war!

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

What's even worse is in many

What's even worse is in many cities it's against the law to burn wood or coal in your fireplace. It has to be on a "Clean air day", otherwise the the fireplace police will write you a citation.

I don't believe we are grossly overpopulated. I believe we are being directed into socialist state. A nanny state where all money flows to the gov then to the people.

A country that lives by the rule of law and a free market would have alternatives for people in need. Whereas now, the alternative is gov. and people die as a result.

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How very sad..


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Hillary promises

FOREIGN AID to be on schedule and increased.