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Lawyers sucking life out of people

Interesting article about need for legal system to create boundaries around individual freedom of action:


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And if you put a $25 black robe on one of them, then they

become a "judge" and their previously contemptable behavior is somehow forgiven/forgotten and their writings become "holy writ". They make the law, they prosecute people under that law and they judge the law. The best union going.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."


Lawyers make money off of other peoples misery almost every time. Their existence that started out as noble to protect the innocent evolved into a way to impede justice much of the time and elevate tragedy and confrontation rather than promote compromise and peaceful resolution.


I will not get a lawyer

I know too many people that thought they were right by the law (And they were) so the prosicuter demonized them and gave motive for whatever and gave no evidence that they did wrong and guess what the tv taught people said wow hes that bad he must of done it. My plan is to demonize whoever is coming after me.
For instance one time I was helping in church and someones child started just slaping and punching all the other kids I grabbed him by the wrist and got him out of the room, she called the police on me. The law says that if the child is bringing danger to himself or someone else you can move him from the danger physically. Sure I mentioned that but I was demonizing the child (the child helped a lot in this matter, bad bad little boy) but if it would have gone any further I would have started demonizing his mama. She should be very glad that she did not bring charges because I knew several (at least a dozen people) that have witnessed her spank her child. I would have no problem calling social services to protect myself from her. Why because I know the jury and judges no longer care about the law. They care about whether they like you or not.

in defense of lawyers

People HIRE them, that is why they exist. No litigants, no attorneys. Next, for every attorney out there screwing someone, there is an attorney across the way trying to stop them. The RICH attorneys only defend the jerks, but there are very good people working very hard for the little guys. I know one attorney who makes $35K a year, she gives legal advice to senior citizens on a help line. They are calling in in droves losing their homes now, and it is breaking her heart. Who is she bleeding the life from?
Stereotypes are a very poor substitute for getting to know people, appreciating their vision and forgiving their blindness.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The reason people must hire lawyers

is that there is a law or regulation governing almost every aspect of human conduct, so suits can be brought against any citizen for almost any reason. Have you seen how much the Code of Federal Regulations grows each year? Family court rules? It's how the government micromanages our lives. It's not a problem with lawyers; it's a problem of laws.

The reason why ppl hire lawyers

Is because they're ignorant of the law.

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The last pillar of our economy left standing will be..


Undo what Wilson did