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I need someone to shoot video in Gaineville, FL for CNN


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Dan, sent you one contact I know

Dan, check your email for one contact I sent you living in the Dallas area.


i love the interview idea, the less scripted the better, in my opinion...

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need camera guy to shoot video in Gainesville, FL

I have a father/son, Marine/Army combo that is interested in being interviewed, but I live too far away to get there. I need a camera guy (doesn't need to be a professional, but should be a skiled novice) to shoot a candid conversation between these two gentlemen for an hour or so. Any leads would be much appreciated.

Imagine a simple B & W video of a Father and Son sitting at their kitchen table talking about why they support Ron Paul. The father a retired Marine Colonel and the son a retired Army captain.


please post this info wherever Florida RP supporters will read it.

Sounds good...

Here's a good message you might want to look into

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