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Eustace Mullins on foreign policy and the CIA! This guy is the bomb!

Eustace Mullins on foreign policy and the CIA! This guy is the bomb!


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Eustace Mullins--FYI

For those people unfamiliar with the background of Mr. Mullins, see the following brief summary:


Additional info: ernie1241@aol.com

Number 3 gets my vote

Start with #1 though, for the full effect.
Great find Ralph Waldo!

Yeap they are all good!


You will like this

Was wondering why you don't link with

#1?? I watched all seven and loved them.

Mullins IS great

He is probably one of the foremost historians of our time. I never miss a chance to hear him speak or read his works. :)

great post

a must see video.


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Ralph Waldo---Thank you for sharing these with everyone

This interview was a large part of my decision to return to college in 1994 and got a lot of citations in my papers. I truly thank you.

I woke up

about 5 years ago and I just found Mullins Friday night. I found an online version of Secrets of the Federal Reserve. We need some sort of sticky thread for reading material or maybe there is and I'm just ignorant.

I'm just now learning about this guy

He sounded like the RP revolution people 30 years ago. I am astounded how he has put it together so well.

This is why I get so mad when I get lumped in with "tin foil hat

conspiracy stuff. You can thank Eustace Mullins and his protege G Edward Griffin por all the right information and, ironically, all the wrong information used to try to discredit them. There are many "conspiracy theorists" that have come after Mullins to lay extra layers of BS on the real picture (aliens, reptiles, 9-11 truth (on a much different level,), etc.)

There IS a conspiracy and we are being enslaved and there IS serious reason for concern.

The most important thing to gleam from all this at this point is: These guys have been warning us about the next few years for a long, long time. You often hear them (mullins, griffin, et al) in old interviews saying we still have time to change it, well, they always say "we have (however many years 2008-2009 is away from the interview date) before it's too late".

Keep digging everybody. Waking up is fun to do!

Ezra Pound is the one to thank

Between Mullins and Griffin you can learn all you need to know to break the matrix. All other matters like 9-11 and chemtrails become apparant when you have the root knowledge. It's so freeing.

I agree with all you say!