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"Bible Code" Torah predicted Obama Presidency and War...

This will raise the hair on the back of your neck...
It's all over on Passover this year...


Two Jewish researchers, Joel Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf, asserted with utter certainty in May 2007, long before Barack Hussein Obama had won his first primary and when it appeared that Hillary Clinton was a sure thing, that he would be the next president of the United States.

More recently, in August 2008, the scholars reported that Obama's name "intersects" with a passage in the apocalyptic book of Daniel, Chapter 7, and specifically Daniel 7:25, which speaks of the last "king" who would oppress God's people under the rubric of bringing about "change" to the world.

The scholars show that the numerical equivalent of "Barack Hussein Obama" in gematria – the practice of finding the numerical value of letters and creating associations between words and phrases – is 501.

In an article from August 2008, the scholars elaborate that this number is associated with the "end of days" and two factors that they say the Torah indicate would trigger the apocalypse: the rise of Islam and the fact that Jews are bring about their own fall – by overwhelming helping to elect Obama:

The connection is that the descendants of Yishmael are the evil that will befall the Jewish People at that time. We will anger G-d through the work of our hands, במעשה ידיכם (a gematria of 501), and the evil of the ישמעאלים (also a gematria of 501) will befall us. So what could we have possibly done with our hands that would anger Hashem? With our very own hands, we finance and work to put the wrong people in power over us. This action results in our downfall. By putting into power leaders in Israel who don’t believe in G-d, we help bring about a spiritual collapse. And by electing dangerous leaders in America and other countries, we assist in bringing our physical and moral downfall. We vote for these people, we put them in power, and we raise money for them. This inappropriate work of our hands will bring evil upon us in the form of Yishmael.

For not only is 501 the value of במעשה ידיכם (the work of our hands), and our punishment, the ישמעאלים , but it is also connected to the next President of the United States that we are helping put in power through Jewish efforts. For 501 is also the gematria of ראש representing the new head, or leader of America.

So who will be the new ראש of America? Our readers probably will be shocked to learn that 501 is also the gematria of ברק חוסיין אובאמה, Barack Hussein Obama.

Hashem watches as countless Jews, especially in Hollywood, California, rush to send their money to Obama’s campaign chest. And so, with our own hands we are in the process of taking a descendant from Yishmael and placing him as our Rosh in the White House, just 7 years after 9/11. He is indeed the evil that will befall us at the end of days, the evil that Moses spoke to our ancestors about.

But there are those who argue that Obama is youthful and energized in his appearance and his ideas. Why shouldn’t we believe him when he says the magic words that he is a friend of Israel? How do we really know he’s dangerous to us? Not only is his name the same gematria as Yishmaelim, evidencing that he is a Muslim although he denies it, but it also has a further connection to a wave of impending evil against the Jews and the rest of the world.

At our Passover seders we spill a drop of wine when we mention each of the 10 plagues, and also when we mention the abbreviation of those plagues by saying דצך עדש באחב . Well this abbreviation of the 10 plagues also has a gematria of 501, the same as Barack Hussein Obama and the Yishmaelim.

Obama and radical Muslims will bring as much havoc, destruction, and confusion to the world as all the 10 plagues together brought to Egypt. It’s interesting how Rabbi Yehudah, who made the acrostic or abbreviation of the plagues, took the first Hebrew letter of each plague. However, with respect to the last plague, מכת בכרות , the killing of the first born, he took the bais (the first letter of the 2nd word of the plague), rather than the mem (the first letter of the first word). Perhaps he knew that in the future, during the end of days, there would be an Obama. Perhaps his message is a warning to us that has been encoded in the Haggadah for nearly 2 thousand years until today.

The foreign minister of Hamas has recently endorsed Obama for president. The Los Angeles Times devoted a lengthy front-page story headlined, “Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama.”

Ali Abunimah, a resident of Obama’s district, claims that Obama said several years ago when running for the Senate, that he was sorry he couldn’t talk more about the Palestinian cause since his primary campaign had constrained what he could say.

Daniel 7 (25) deals with the last king of the 4th beast of exile who will humble 3 other kings. Rav Saadia Gaon stated that the 3 kings or leaders who will be humbled, are from Israel, Greece (representing Europe), and Yishmael (representing the Arab nations). This haughty, arrogant king will speak words against G-d and the Jewish People, and he will try to change the times and the law. How interesting is it that this very word, change, is the key word used by Obama in his campaign?

The coded, end of days message that Yaakov gave over to his sons was not deciphered by them. But our generation, the generation alive at the end of days, can understand the clues and break the code.

In Yaakov’s statement there are 4 words אשר יקרא אתכם באחרית (that will befall you in the end). The word אשר that describes the identity of the evil has a gematria of 501 the same as Barack Hussein Obama. And if you look at the word באחרית , in the end, the first 3 letters contain the initials of Obama. The bais is for ברק Barack, the aleph is for אובאמה Obama, and the ches is for חוסיין Hussein.

The scholars, using the clues of the book of Daniel, say that Obama will rein as "King" for three and a half years. In their May broadcast, they ascribe special significance to the date of April 8, 2009, the day before the festival of Passover (Pesach), when the once-in-28-years "Blessing of the Sun" is to be recited. They believe that between now and that date there will be dramatic developments that involve Iran.


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You will know not the time

I was wondering why God tested Abraham in the bible and how he could do such a thing, to ask him to sacrifice his only son. Then it dawned on me that this story taken from the bible was a test to see if we humans were worth saving. I mean Why would God sacrifice his only son for us if Abraham would not sacrifice his son for God?
Makes perfect sense to me now. I love God. He is always in control and don't forget it.


What about the fact that the winning numbers at the Illinois lottery during the November 5th Pick 3, the day that he practically won the elections, where 666.
Check this link and scroll down to 11.05.08: http://illinoislottery.com/subsections/History/Win2008.htm

I believe time and law was changed by the catholic church

when they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Law in the Bible always refers to The Ten Commandments, which is God's Law. Time would be from Saturday to Sunday. That is the only Law of The Ten Commandments that has changed, and to this day it causes millions of people unbeknownst to break The Ten Commandments on a weekly basis. If you read further in the Bible, you will notice how many times the Sabbath is mentioned, and how important it was. The first day of the week is truly Sunday, which our modern day calendar plainly points out to this day. The number seven is mentioned numerous times and is considered a perfect number, hence on the seventh day God rested, and we are suppossed to rest on that day also. I was raised Catholic and have watched them as they have aligned with the government, and how they will and are a part of the NWO. Daniel gives specific timelines in reference to the time of Jesus all the way down until the end of time. To get a proper assesment of when the world will end, Revelations and Daniel need to be matched to history through historic events and the periods of time that are mentioned. No one will know the exact day, but we will be given signs. Some will recognize them, and some will not. I do believe the USA is the beast that rises out of the earth, which is the last beast mentioned, and coincindentally the newest country on the earth. In the end, yes, I do believe we are getting close. The last beckon of freedom in the world is almost completely taken over by dictatorial powers, and once we are, no one else out there can save us. We are close my friend, very close.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Oh no!

I never knew my old 501 jeans were of the antichrist!


turn your eyes upon Jesus




Hey but you never know

The beth could also be for ברוק, which means "blessed" in hebrew. Or B'reshiyth (which means beginning) or "babel" or "balaam" or one of a zillion other hebrew words that begins with "b".

Well, let's see if they are right that Obama will be president for 3.5 years. I predict he will be president for 8. For what it's worth, I also predicted that Obama would be president (and that Blagojevitch - that's בלגויויטש, also beginning with beth - would be a crook) about 6 years ago, so I've got a pretty good track record.

I concur, yonemoto! ~Stop

I concur, yonemoto!

~Stop the Insanity~

. @ @ . Power to the People!
@ O @ -----> PEOPLE
. @ @ . NOT Corporate Entities!

8 years and counting! ~Stop

8 years and counting!

~Stop the Insanity~

. @ @ . Power to the People!
@ O @ -----> PEOPLE
. @ @ . NOT Corporate Entities!


Not a gematria expert, but I get a value of 302 for "barack" in every online hebrew gematria I try.

And the "final nun" in hussein gives a +1000 value so it can't possibly be 501 if you add in his middle name. "barack obama" gives me 353 without a final aleph; with a final aleph it gives 1000 something again.

1000 years

of peace and harmony, maybe?

~Stop the Insanity~

. @ @ . Power to the People!
@ O @ -----> PEOPLE
. @ @ . NOT Corporate Entities!

אשר יקרא אתכם באחרית #!@^%&?

I guess I didn't appreciate seeing so many words I couldn't read. Interesting prophecy though.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.