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Karl Rove, Mr. Slimeball himself has to testify...

He has no one to hide behind now, and the Judiciary Committee wants him to tell the truth, hope he doesn't commit perjury. Please read this article:


Glad to see he will be questioned regarding the nine Justices, and can no longer say he is above questioning. I surely hope some light is shed, and this is not more of the same garbage we have gotten from the House Judiciary Committee. Hope they grow some big ones, and do the right thing. Personally I think Karl Rove is a piece of Shxxxt....and needs to be arrested, and charged accordingly.

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Thanks Tessie101

This is music to my ears!! now only if the judiciary committee will do ther job, I can dream cant I. :o)

exactly henri...

I sure hope they ride him hard, and hang him out to dry.