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Forget Google - check out ixquick

Caspian newsletter (Katherine Albrecht's organization) just sent out an announcement about her work with ixquick - a search engine which guarantees privacy.

From her newsletter:

"The world's most privacy-friendly search engine, Ixquick.com, announced today that Dr. Katherine Albrecht will head up the company's US media relations and marketing outreach efforts.

Dr. Albrecht is a respected expert in the privacy arena, with a decade of experience as a privacy researcher, activist, and frequent media commentator. She is a perhaps best known for her work on privacy issues associated with RFID (radio frequency identification) and retail data collection. Albrecht co-authored the best-selling book "Spychips," and hosts a daily, syndicated radio talk show. Her writings on privacy have appeared in several notable publications, including Scientific American and the Denver University Law Review.

"I'm excited to be working with Ixquick because I'm a huge fan of their product," said Albrecht. "Ixquick.com guarantees to delete all search data so it can't be abused by Big Brother bureaucrats and snoopy marketers. I've been using Ixquick as my own search engine for months, and I can't wait to tell others who care about privacy as much as I do."


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There's also scroogle.org

There's also scroogle.org which masks your IP address...