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Congressman Introduces New Bill Requiring Cameraphones to "Click"

This is what passes for "civil liberties" in Congress--something intended to protect the police state from being "spied on" by the citizenry. We can't have any Tom, Dick, or Harry out there taking secret photos of everyday events! Why, that's what satellites and traffic cameras are for!

Note the frivolous tone of the piece, and the quick presumption that the reason for the bill is 'child voyeurism':


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mine already had this

so I loaded a blank audio file in it's place, with the same same. Problem solved

Lets spend millions on it!

And have it be disabled by custom firmware that will be released the very next day.


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just disable the speaker, or poke a hole in it. no more click.

Stock up, it's gonna be a long winter.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Thx god for programmers + hackers

I forgot about that. Ya, go ahead and pass this Peter King you son of a bitch. The hackers are on our syde!

Gee his mother must be proud.

What a monumental change in America. I wonder if his campaign signs said "A Chicken in Every Pot and a Click on Every Cameraphone"


Is a direct answer to the BART incident.
The cops want to know when they are being recorded and when they are not. Makes their jobs easier. When no one is looking they can and will do anything.

Wouldn't surprise me.

The pigs got really burnt on the BART thing.

Also, here's a another good reason against this fascism (someone left this as comment at the article page):

What about someone in danger? Sometimes having the phone on silent just to take a picture of a crime, mugger, or thief can be the difference between life and death. Forcing people to have their phones click or make noise every time they take a picture is dangerous and violates peoples rights.

Yes they did

Could you imagine what would have happened if one of those camera phones was making a siren sound while recording.
1. The guy might be still alive for the cops would have know that they were under surveillance
2. They would have confiscated the phone before popping the man on the ground or after
3. They would have arrested the camera phone user and thrown them into the system.


What a well-meaning idiot that Congressman (Peter King) is...I hate democracy, where my rights are put up to the discretion of the majority...