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*Off Topic* Patriot Soap Bundles..and a Thank You!

If this is not alright for me to post, I will gladly take it down or one of the mods can do it, but you have all been so wonderful with some of the orders you have placed from our website to help us.

So many good things have happened since I "put out the call" that we were in trouble.

We have had a review from a blogger that was phenomenal and we are doing a "give away". If you want to enter to see if you can win some free products, go to www.copperbrickroad.com

I have met a local advertiser and she has offered me $1500 of free advertising to help get some exposure for our company.

I have also met a rep that would like to add our line of products to her catalog and sell our products to all of the gift shops in the state of Mississippi. (Can anyone help me do a brochure or catalog...real cheap like?)

SO...After many suggestions from around the country, I am offering something special to the liberty minded (and those concerned for the future that wish to "stock up")

We now have Patriot Bundles on the website! (yes, that is their name). It is a one year supply of soap (12 bars) at a highly reduced price. I thought this would be perfect for Ron Pauler's!!! I even thought about sending Dr. Paul a bar or two! lol

We have a lot of new things coming out closer Valentine's Day so please keep us in mind. We will have Edible Love Dust, Warming massage oil, Massage Candles, Hand made all natural lotion (for baby's, adults, & a healing lotion..can be made to your scent specification), Body Parfaits, & lip balm for those with cold sores. Vegan alternatives are available.

As sort of an update on our situation...we still don't know about the house. I won't know anything for about two more weeks. The lights are on right now as is the gas. My husband has (finally) been hired on at a local company to repair laptops. It's not very much money and will absolutely not pay all of the bills but it's more money than we had so I am thankful for that. I will just keep pushing this business to fill in the gaps.

Again...thank you so much for all of your help and please continue to send our website to everyone that you know. It's been amazing to me what people together in liberty can accomplish.


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I love the

Patriot bundle idea. I'll order at the end of the week.. Good luck Patriot

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


Love this.........that's the spirit.....


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I wanted to order the "Patriot Bundle" but the link on your website isn't working.
maybe I'll just get a sampler. Good luck to you.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Don't click the links at the bottom

This is a new basket and interface we are trying on the website. It was only updated last night. (still working out the kinks)

Go directly to the "Baskets & Bundles" and you can order the patriot bundle from there. :)

If you have any more problems, send me a message.



Got a sampler and a couple of lip balms for the ladies in my life. I think I'm gonna be a popular guy. 8) Best of luck to you.

"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Got it!

I missed this before

but (BUMP) will check out your website. I HATE store bought soap!



If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas...things you'd like to see..feel free to email me.



forgive one self bump. I really want the people that have helped to feel appreciated. You know who you are.