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Ron Paul on CNN 1/27/09: Bin Laden Mocks Economy


Criticizing U.S. economic policy, Congressman Ron Paul says the Iraq war and spending overseas has led America in to a deep recession.

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He talks of "stimulus plans"

He talks of "stimulus plans" taking money from the private sector.

That's very good. But much of the audience won't take the next step in their thinking.

Ron needs to mention that such plans "destroy jobs".

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

AWESOME!!! I'm glad he got a

AWESOME!!! I'm glad he got a word in on the income tax.

It's good that she asked all

It's good that she asked all of those questions because the average American believes those things. But it's because the media tells them to. I also felt like she was trying to marginalize him. I bet she works for the CIA propaganda department.

Oh, and did Dr. Paul get a sunburn or something? lol
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

foreign policy is the direct cause .....

the irs collects for the govt approx 500billion dollars a year. the past 8 years we've spent 1 trillion per year on foreign policy alone So we need to basically need to allocate a budget that is 1.x trillion dollars a year, where x is exactly what we need for domestic stuff . now the money that is collected seems to go to a lot of domestic stuff ( i dont really believe that but for argument sake) but we're still nearly a trillion short. so the administration gets the remainder of the money from the federal reserve which simply makes a ledger entry to engender that money. so now we have almost a trillion every year that has to come from somewhere. you guessed it inflation(remember you inflate a bubble). by adding money to economy the federal reserve has basically devalued the rest of our money. This does not include the money that is owed out to foreign countries that we've borrowed from.

so if you cut military spending . you would not need to have the reserve make fake money you would not have to borrow from foreign interests and you would even be able to reverse inflation.

I love the hottie in this interview

Better than looking at Dan Rather. I liked her questions because that is what most of the ignorant masses would ask. We need to give answers to the Keynsian theories that don't work. Keep the stupid questions coming and RP will knock them out of the park. We have to remember that education means breaking through what everyone else believed as fact.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!!!

This man should be sitting in the White House...

Right now.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Recession is due to CDSs and other derviatives

The recession is due to lack of credit, which is because the banks screwed themselves with derivatives, especially the credit default swaps.

The rate of taxation never changed throughout the war.

For the time being, spending on the war has not been payed for by taxpayers.

I don't see how the war and the recession are connected at this time.

In the future, the spending for the war will come due, but not for now.

So the war really has nothing to do with the recession. The recession has everything to do with sour credit markets and public perception becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Reply to all

I'll reply to my own post to reply to the above posts.

I think maybe I wasn't clear or somehow you all are misunderstanding me.

The overall malaise in the economy that's been going on since about 2000 is connected to government debt and taxation, etc. That includes the funk we are in now to an extent.

BUT, the current sudden downturn is not DIRECTLY connected to spending on the war. No one's taxes were increased during this period. Interest rates are low as hell and haven't been very high during the whole war.

The ENTIRE WORLD is seeing this same economic downturn. Mind you, this crap started in the US (and sorta in Europe too), but it was catalyzed by one woman who "blew the whistle" on some of these derivatives. Then balance sheet after balance sheet was shown to be crap because of these artificial derivatives. Banks were doing much worse than they were letting on for years.

Then the bailout scare went around for a few weeks. This caused a near panic and people stampeded out of the stock market. This caused the market to crash (slowly) which in turn caused businesses to shed jobs and some to close shop.

For sure, wars and big government spending are constant drags on the economy, but spending for the war in Iraq hasn't come home to roost yet, so it has little if any direct connection to the recent sudden economic downturn.


First of all credit is not what you correctly run an economy on. It runs on savings and earnings. Credit should be used only temporarily to bridge gaps, companies or people that are in debt do not need more debt to run, they should fail and those loans go to those that are worthy of them. Derivatives are pyramided debt which would not exist if it were not for our immoral fractional banking structure and central economic planning of inflation and debt by the (non) federal reserve. Assets are not misvalued in a true freemarket, loans are not just handed out everywhere in an honest banking structure. There was so much debt and it was such a free for all that people didn't even care if the packages were worth anything nor did they research. They just expected the boom period to go on forever in true brain dead Keynesian fasion. The recession itself (depression) was triggered by less spending from consumers who are no longer able to take on new loans and have stopped spending because the equity in their homes was falling from oversupply of houses and their adjustable mortgages have risen and now they can't pay them. The war and the recession (depression) are clearly connected in that war is highly inflationary and further expands the money supply and produces nothing other than items that blow up or wear out, they do not increase wealth or future production. War should always be paid from taxes or savings, never debt so that the people feel the pain of war and work as a continual check on whether it's really worth it. The only way for a war to boost wealth is if we used our army to steal resources, which they did actually promise (it's good that they couldn't come through). In this debt based pyramid system you must contine to inflate the currency to keep the system running and I suspect that one of the motivations to start this war was the dot com bubble that burst which required more inflation and debt, coincidentally 911 thrust us into the middle east the next year and created a war on terror. It seems that each time we hit a snag, they find a new target for spending. It looks like Obama's will be nonsensical "global warming fearmongering" (should actually target pollution which is solveable on a case by case basis), with continual war and infrastructure projects akin to paying 10 times the price we should for "upgrades". As we increase the debt we lose credibility and faith in the dollar which further devalues it. Would you take an IOU from someone who owed 10 trillion dollars and had a shrinking income? Foreigners know that if we significantly devalue our money we will be paying them back much less in real world value than they expected, and also devaluing the dollars they hold as a reserve currency which could drive them to stop using it which would be catostrophic. There would be riots. The war came due the second we started it, it was military keynesianism. It as the worst kind of attempt to spread the empire and supercharge the economy. It was foolish, destructive and highly inflationary and the consequences are now, not the future. Ever see the football field sized parking lots full of brank new suv's in Iraq. Why do you think they bought them? Because the soldiers needed them? Why did they burn them when one got a flat tire and order another? We all know why this war happened and it had nothing to do with 911 it had to do with our monetary policy and empire.

"The credit expansion boom is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits. It must collapse.", www.mises.org

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Response on various posts on this topic

Although vieing this website for months am new to the site, so go easy.

Some observations
- I think 'Mesogen's' statement is 100 % correct and there is no need to bash him for it. However he might want to ask himself why the banks "screwed themselves with derivatives". If he finds the answer that both Peter Schiff and Ron Paul have stated several times then he will find the biggest contributor to the problem.

- This is one of the best Ron Paul videos I have seen for some time due to the points that 'Fountainhead' lists below. The "Hottie" whom many below are criticizing has done a wonderful job.
Remember the reason why all these Hotties sound alike with their stupid questions, is because that is what the (not so hot) producers have told her to ask and pre-interviewed Ron Paul about, The reason Ron Paul is on this show and many others recently is because he takes view different than the mainstream. That makes good viewing. We should be thankful that HE is being interviewed and not someone with the same ideology but an incompetent way of arguing it. (Basically what 'FightApathy' is saying).
The "Hottie" asked questions that set up Ron Paul to give great answers.

Recently I stood for election. My team and I plastered the electorate with messages. But we discovered, although the message was simple, people could not grasp it. This is exactly what Dime is mentioning below. New ideas take time to sink in. Ron just needs to stick at it and get enough traction, he knows that which is why he keeps doing them.

you own you

You don't see how the war and the recession are connected???

Better go back and watch some Ron Paul speech and debate videos during his campaign last year.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You have been on here for over a year

and didn't learn a thing.

Uh ..

What kind of drugs did you take that let you sleep through the past decade? I want some.
I'm not sure if I feel like addressing the part of your statement that is a bad rehash of the government propoganda or if I feel like addressing the part of your statement that is completly missing ... logic.
Think of this.
Regardless of where it comes from, money was spent on this "war" ... Lots of it, correct?
Now where did that money come from?
Sure the guv doesnt have any but didnt they borrow some for just that purpose? Lots of it?
Now didnt all of that competition to borrow from a limited pool of available funds cause the interest rates to go through the roof? No?
Well should they have gone through the roof when the guv outbid everyone else to borrow money that would have went to constructive use and instead funded the occupation?
Rates didnt go up did they?
And why not?
See the picture.
Action and reaction, nothing happens in a vacumn.


You're trippin'. And I'm more than sure that Dr. Paul himself would destroy you in a debate regarding this.

One of the few people who

One of the few people who can give a proper answer to these dumb questions. I don't blame this woman for asking them, she's "just doing her job." But its good that Dr. Paul's out there giving real answers that are 180 degrees in the direction of common, conventional faith.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

He just keeps getting better and better!

I love Ron Paul. He is brilliant.


You tell em'

Every time he's on TV people say that the Free E is what got us in this and then he has to re explain, NO! I know he get's tired of it. Great job Doc, keep it up.

"They taste like poison." "Brendon, try these leaves; they're poisonous."

"You can do what you want...., as long as it's what the majority want's. Were Democratic."-#2 from the Prisoner "I am not a number I am a free man!"-#6

what you just saw is a (hot)

what you just saw is a (hot) chick, who has spent 16+ years of her life being educated in Government schools. The people of this nation have been brainwashed and dumbed down for so long it is like pulling teeth to get them to accept the truth! I fear no matter how many times Ron explins to people what the problems are and what the solution is they will never listen.. then the rest of the stupid braindead americans listen to the reporter because they put these types of people in a position of authority or knowing more then anyone else!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

Is it me, Sierra

or do these "hot" chicks all look alike? It's almost boring...like they all visit the same orthodontist and plastic surgeon--same teeth, same nose-- virtually all "info babes", reporters, etc, seem to have the same "look." I don't know...maybe it's just me. Add to that the fact that she's dopey and it just gets more...boring.


lmao! its just to bad these

lmao! its just to bad these hot chicks don't have a brain!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

Glad I could bring some humor to your day, Sierra

It's true, isn't it???


Will someone please tell Ron....

..... that bin Laden is dead?


Ron is lending credence to the story that it's Bin Laden that got us in this mess which is absolute garbage. It's a bit disappointing because truth and liberty aren't mutually exclusive.

Agreed, too.

I think what this comes down to is the public's inability to accept certain foundation-shattering truths. Ron may have an inkling or may have repeatedly heard from respected sources that Bin Laden is dead, but I suspect he is unwilling to look into the matter for himself because he knows that even if it's true, it will serve to undermine his credibility in the eyes of an ignorant public.

If he begins to publicize a belief that Bin Laden is dead, you know that he will immediately come under fire as a "conspiracy nut" or something similar. After that, the public would not take him seriously. He'd be better off if he just kept on the point of how Obama is mirroring the policies of 1930's that deepened and prolonged the Great Depression.

I think this is also the same reason why LewRockwell, Strike-The-Root and even MythBusters refuse to discuss the controversy around the official 9/11 fable. If they started to consider the controversy in a public arena, all their very excellent, existing work would be easily disregarded by the All-American Boobus.

but the CIA has him on life

but the CIA has him on life support.. no Bin Laden, no reason to be in Afghanistan!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

Yes, and that without the CIA

bin Laden would have never existed in the manner in which he did...past tense.

dr no

hes the man, i love how hes probing more and more about the income tax, the internal robbing service needs to go! when americans hear this ,they start listening, they drowed him last year or he would have won on that alone!

we need to put this sight on here


There is the reason I will leave my bumper stickers on my cars until the paint falls off. Ron Who? Well, just listen :)
If only one person wakes up each day we are so much better off.

As the saying goes, it's good to hear from the Boss

1st thing in the morning. It's the 'fix' that keeps me going!
Ginny in PA

Ginny, I'm with you...

He is certainly better than a cup of coffee in the morning....