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Uncommon Sense Equals Activism

Some of you may have heard of or read this little known book but that's not the point. Read on.

Uncommon Sense: The Real American Manifesto by William James Murray is a very simple, easy to read paperback about what it means to be American. The book costs around $3.00 used at Amazon. It is a very good buy for a small amount of money.

The book starts off with a little history behind some of the founders before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Giving the reader a sense of the purpose and sacrifice of those involved during that time. Murray even dedicates a chapter to Mary Ball Washington.

The second half of the book turns to the philosphy of Freedom, Individual Rights, and what it means to be an American. Murray explains the pillars of prosperity and property. But the best part is he gives the reader a chance to decide what kind of American they are, SA (Socialist American), PA (Psuedo American), or RA (Real American), there is no other choice. Here is a review of the book by my friend and the person who "woke me up".

"Simply put... the best book I have ever read. It will fill you with pride, anger and activism. You will read in awe of the courage of our founding fathers. You will read in horror about the beast that our government has become. It's hard to disagree with the principles expressed in this book. I've bought 4 copies already to share with family and friends!"

Spreading the message and inspiring others to take an interest in the cause is key to our movement. I too buy five or six copies of the book at a time and hand them out to friends, co-workers, and some of my clients. I ask them to not put them in the book shelf but pass them on to others when they are finished reading it, if they decide not to read it please give it back so I can give it to someone that will. I have had very good results in part because the book doesn't drop names like Bush, Clinton, Ron Paul, etc. Instead it focuses on the Liberty philosophy which is very important because it does not ostracize the person you are trying to awaken for supporting a certain political leader or ideal.

So if you have a few spare bucks check it out, if you like it buy a few more and pass them around. You could stamp or write the web address for C4L inside the cover. Nystrom could even add the title to his Amazon portal giving you a chance to make a small donation to the Daily Paul while at the same time spreading the message of Freedom and Liberty to others.

Peace to all of you, my Daily Paul family.

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Here Is Some Historical Background For Uncommon.....

Sense, from the creator of "Common Sense," Thomas Paine.

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