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Now I'm Scared - War with China?

I've been doing research for a Macro Economics paper about the effects of the Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, and I have seen a vague but growing trend...

As the US Dollar becomes worth less (or worthless if the Fed cannot control the "fall") then those who owe money such as mortgagees and the US Governernment itself shall benefit from this devaluation while Debt holders are screwed by repayment with the fiat currency which buys a heck of a lot less than the Real amount at the time they lent it out.

This is all starting to scare the heck out of me.... Google "War with China" and there are more articles about this possibility than one would expect: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22War+with+China%22

China is a major US Debt holder so they are likely to be real pissed off if and when they loose money in the US Debt Markets. (I don't think it's in their culture to take such an abuse down on their knees). China has Millions upon Millions of Men who are bred at an insane ratio compared to women due to their governmental policies... remember that Ismalic Jihadists promise "virgins in heaven" for those who die in war against the infidels? Well, I am afraid that China has a has plenty who would willingly go to War just to see some "action".

Does anyone feel we need to do something in this country before our leaders ruin the future for our children. What can we do to encourage those who appear to be "elitists" to us the common people to do something other than what they are accustomed and programmed to do?

Maybe we can call them up on the phone (or write them a letter) and invite them to tea and crumpets with Ron Paul. These leaders are reasonable and intelligent people who listen to words and ideals and they are not used car salesmen who will sell us out for profits sex and power, right?

Sorry for the slight sarcasm mixed in with what is otherwise a serious post.

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Although some of your points

Although some of your points are valid, China will not be easily duped into war. By nature they are not extremely aggressive people. Yes, within their own society they can be pretty cold and brutal but they have not started any "wars of aggression" in recent years.

China is largely a peasant country and their views of America are surprisingly positive--that has to do with having many family and friends living in the US.

What you may be assuming is that the military industrial complex and bankers are clever and sly enough to get China to start a war similar to Japan in WW2. Although this is highly plausible, it's also highly risky. This could backfire and trigger an amount of "blowback" never before witnessed by America. The whole global theater cold turn us.

Anyhow, I hear you but I don't think it will happen....

Nothing to worry about...

We spent about 460 billion last year on our military, and while a chunck of this went to Iraq, Afghanistan, and our global empire - that still leaves more than enough for the Navy and Airforce to have enough fire power to make it absolutly impossible for the very meager Chinese Navy to get anywhere close to even Hawaii.....

China's defense budget for 2007?......about 45 billion U.S. fiat dollars.

Now on the other hand..if they all load up on freighters..and commercial jetliners...and sneak into our ports....and attatck us unconventionally...nah..no one would ever attatck us in an unconventional manner right?.....

“Let a man never stir on his road a step without his weapons of war; for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise of a spear on the way without.” - Odin

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no, they could also sell the dollars they have

especially if they think the dollars will become worth less. And if they do the dollars will become worth less

China does not want war

but hey even a little dog will bite you if you kick it often enough. The US has the smell of worldwide bully on it these days and China would not be one to back down from a fight.

The Chinese are too wise to wage a military war

with an enemy that is 10 times stronger.

Many people don't understand that for decades, the US has been spending by far, more money on military than all of the other nations. Even if the Chinese have more potential soldiers, they would be shot out of the water before they could reach our shores.

However, the Chinese could win a financial war primarily because they have very smart leaders and people who work and save far more than the US. The other reality is that because of our military might they can't collect on their debt either, the only thing they can do is quit buying any more!

If they stopped buying...

and we issued debt it would likely precipitate the collapse of the value of our currency. Which would wipe out there investments before they could exit the market. They're stuck with us for the duration.

Though I do agree with you on the 'War with China' thing... their army isn't geared for a long distance war. Oodles and scads of infantry might be useful in a land war waged in Asia, but unless you're their next door neighbor it's not very threatening.

Unless The NWO Plan Of This Has Changed

NAFTA superhighway

Trans-Texas Corridor

" China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle
by Jerome R. Corsi


Why would the USA want war with 'em?

I am not sure

about war. But owner ship. They own us. I'm not sure if i can learn the language.

i dont think so

we tend to back down from anybody that poses a serious threat. also, china depends on our consumers. just look at some of your things and where they are made. we really are interdependant. they could bring us down, but it would bring them down too. their economy depends too much on us.

"The state is the great myth where everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." - Frederic Bastiat

China does not desire war.

It does not suit the Chinese idea to have war with us.

They would fight to the utter death over bring Taiwan back to the motherland, but prefer to have it work out peacefully, which indeed is the path that the Taiwan issue is on as the Taiwan government is dealing with the incredible corruption of former President Chen Shuibian. Under the new President Ma Yingjiu, Taiwan is greatly increasing its communication and relationship with Taiwan.

It would take a major overt and repeated provocation on the part of the US to provoke China to war.

Debt is an Emotion...

A friend once said that to me, and the more I think about it, he is absolutely right....

Tell that to the person you owe money to

What a metaphysical joke. I'm here with no debt other than my home to tell you that the world of laws such as gravity says otherwise.

With that being said, the contrarian within myself can see your point. I once had many credit cards and the only way I was able to dig myself out was of the situaton at the time was to *surrender* and move forward.

Speaking of surrender, do you think we should do that with China?

Ron Paul for Peace!

U.S. debt is losing its appeal in China

"U.S. debt is losing its appeal in China" which means the printing press will run which means current Chinese Assets in US Dollars will fall...


* If I borrowed $10 from you in 2008 to buy a 12-pack of Schlitz and agred to pay you back the original $10 plus $5 interest in 2012- would you then be very understanding of me if you can then purchase only a 6-pack for this amount of $15 total US Dollars due to our leaders? *

Ron Paul for Peace!

for the same reason Hitler

for the same reason Hitler didn't invade Switzerland, China will not invade here.. as the us has learned, we the mightiest military in the history of the world can't garrison
a 3rd world nation in Iraq or Afghanistan without taking losses! the soviets found this out with Afghanistan too.. the war will be economic.. Look at Chinas Gold reserves.. what ever they would lose in dollar value they would more then make up with gains in gold! also.. The US has more oil then the whole middle east! if push came to shove we could sell them oil.. the Oil fields in the western dakotas are said to be hundreds of billions of gallons and that does not include Alaska! also. I have heard a rumor that the Us would replace the dollar with the Amero.. they would just give them Amero's to replace the dollar! if it went Nuclear and the Chinese are that crazy then I would worry!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

Switzerland's national

Switzerland's national defense, as far as I know, is designed pretty much how the national defense in the U.S. is supposed to be. Too bad our Military is nothing like it.

The Nazi army would have been fighting with every man, woman and child alive in Switzerland (with no chance of surrender) if they had invaded.


I'm moving to hot co-co land.

Ron Paul for Peace!

Good contingent points upon further review of your post

Upon second look you have a point on Chinese Gold holdings if that is true, and the US Oil reserves if e would ever actually sell it, and the Amero if we would actually be able to transition to a stable currency.

Ron Paul for Peace!

They have so many men they could bomb us with them

The Chinese have so many Millions of single men with no prospects for *ever* marrying due to their policies on reproduction leading to so few women; that the Chinesse could take just the male volunteers and drop these men from airplanes, and win the war by their sheer numbers. That would also alleviate the problem of dropping nukes on the US Homeland which they may want to invade and re-populate.

Ron Paul for Peace!

You know they tried that in

world war one...


"They" being who ?

Ron Paul for Peace!

Everyone. I also don't know how many of those chinese

guys can swim across the Pacific.


i once heard

that if you lined up all chinamen 3 abreast....and marched them towards you, while you were firing on them with a never ending supply of bullets....you would die of old age before you could kill all the chinese!

"Chinamen"? Thanks for dragging the DP back into

racially tinged territory again. Ron would be so proud... NOT.
Talk to someone new every day. You'll be surprised what you learn.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Joesmoe, that other thread got closed out as I typed a reply...

...so I'm going to reply to you here regarding that video clip you posted.

There were a few things that struck me.

That video sorta confirms my idea that the towers would probably have tipped if there wasn't some "other" factor involved.

Also, if there were bodies in that building in your video, what do you wanna bet they didn't turn into nothing but centimeter sized bits blown all over the place?

And just because there was a big dust cloud probably doesn't tell us that the magnitude of pulverization was the same as with what happened with the towers.

Just some thoughts that came to mind from watching that clip...

Also, you know that pot and kettle thing you said to someone a few minutes ago? Well, remember what I told you about people putting themselves in the line of fire...ahem.

I know this isn't the right thread for my post. Sorry.

Viral arguements...

We can let it sit for now. Don't want this thread locked as well. There will be other oppurtunities to beat this horse I'm sure...



you've got the wrong thread, brother.
Talk to someone new every day. You'll be surprised what you learn.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Yes, I know. I said that.

He does not have to reply. I'm sure he knows this. It was not a debate.


got me

that would do it!