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Gravity: Horizontal or Vertical Force? Comments are on now!

Can someone let me in on why the comments on this thread was terminated?

The comments have been turned back on now...

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Blowing up or falling down?

It takes a second grader to see the difference. Anyone older looks through MSM glasses.


It's 4D...

How to communicate real time across the universe...

Regarding Palin: I believe we are watching in real time the rise of the third party, which will be controlled by the powers that be from its' inception.

Next Scam: "Cash For Cash"


I guess it's the new "kinder gentler" DP

You can talk about NWO conspiracy.
You can talk about banking conspiracy
You can talk about Martial law takeover conspiracy
You can talk about globalization conspiracy
But you can't talk about the 9/11 conspiracy that started two wars and the rapid decline of our Constitutional republic.
Guess Michael Nystrom lost his spine.
I can't believe he caved in to a couple of whiners,and started censoring.
A sad day for the DP..
I'll probably get kicked off for writing this. Nice knowin' ya.
"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Ya know, Jefferson. That ticked me off, too.

Didn't see that coming. There wasn't anything horrible there that I noticed.

I tried to type a reply to Joesmoe and couldn't.

I put it on another thread so he would see it, but it was inappropriate there.

So I guess I'll put it here...

(edit- that thread is now open again, so I'm moving this part of comment there.)

Well seeming how there are several respected members

of this board that know nothing can really ever be proved and arguing till the end of time is not furthuring our cause...

I would take pause before insulting them and the owner of this site.

But hey, it's a free country.


Joesmoe, regarding Jefferson's comment below...

I'm pretty sure he was not meaning to bully you here as the other person below was all too glad to say. You know I would NOT defend someone if I thought they were meaning to bully you. You surely know this, especially after what happened the other day with you know who...

You know how I feel about bullying and so does Jefferson.

He may have been frustrated and angry, but please try to see past that to what he was really saying to you.

I'm pretty sure I understand what he was getting at here.

Joesmoe, again, you know I would never defend him on this if I thought he really meant this as bullying, even if he had kind of done it to you in the past.

This is not the same. Yes, he made reference to your age and some other remarks, but he is coming from a different place here than what you think.

Joesmoe, you have knowledge from your education. You know I think you are smart. Very, very smart.

But many people here also have life experience knowledge, sometimes from a livelihood that in some cases may have even taken up the better part of their lives.

When you get out there, as your world expands, you will understand that there can sometimes be a difference between the two even, real world experience and textbook knowledge.

At any rate, sometimes it is easy to trample on or dismiss something we do not yet understand, but maybe we shouldn't be so hasty in doing so and could be a little more appreciative of those contributions as well, even if they seem to conflict with what we know as yet in life, and even whether they are right or wrong.

I started to say this the other day to you in my comment to you on that "oath" thread, but I edited it out. Maybe this is the better place now.

I'm pretty sure you know that you have found favor with me, so know that I mean well here....also, I ask you again to remember what I said about people putting themselves in the line of fire....ahem ~kick (Not myself I'm referring to here. Take a hint, please.)

Joesmoe, we can also learn from the wisdom of others. Please do not dismiss Jefferson in this regard. Always glean where you can. :)

Note to Jefferson-- I hope my comments here are not unwelcome. Please forgive me if so. But you know that I know what you said and did that makes me think what I said above to be true.

But even at the risk of intrusion, I want him to understand. That is the more important thing, so I hope you are not offended at my saying these things here.


I would agree

That arguing with someone who hasn't even finished high school yet, or studied the 9/11 commission report, and enjoys hiking their leg on threads making ignorant inflammatory off hand comments where they have no clue of what they are discussing, based on ZERO life experience (beyond Grand Theft Auto), IS pointless..
And you're also right in that the MAJORITY of people here do NOT buy the official story of 9/11 (including the owner), and they know better than to get into pointless discussions with willfully ignorant, wikipedia wielding people, which does NOT further the cause. I am obviously still learning that lesson.
I just don't think it should be censored as a subject, due to its importance.
But feel free to instigate. It's a free country.
"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
-John Wayne

Hey you, with the fallacies.


^^ On sale now! No more tears! ^^

Drop the personal attacks and address the arguments crybaby. You whine like a French connoisseur.

Keep in mind, this isn't so much based on this thread in particular as your general attitude towards discourse in other threads where you whip out the schoolyard "give me your lunch money you little kid" routine. You're POed that a highschool kid is showing you up, and we understand. We really do understand.

"But he can't be right, he's only in highschool!"

And yet, he's making more cogent points than you are.

I've argued it once, I'll argue it again. Highschool kids have better access to information and are more current than we are. We learned Physics years ago, and they're studying for Final Exams. We learned Chemistry, they're memorizing the periodic table and how different bonds work.

I'd say in science, a common 17-21 year old kid has a huge advantage on any of us not in a science related field. Please, go talk to a teenager in AP Physics and let him walk all over you in any kind of physics conversation. We're remembering years ago, they're remembering last week.

Also, as a point, quit with the bullying. You're obviously not intimidating anyone here, and it's just silly and immature seeming. How do any of us know you aren't in middle school? Judging by your cliquish behavior, it wouldn't take much to convince me.

Eric Hoffer

I teach AP Physics to kids from all over the world

and I have to agree with you. It is humbling to teach a class when you know every student is smarter than you!


Paint Can Exploding From Fire On 911

Nope probably preliminary charges taking out the main underpinning/structure first before main timed charges on building 7


Revolt For Freedom !!!

Revolt For Freedom !!!

wow - nice link

This is the crux of the 9-11 problem. In the absence of genuine, exhaustive investigation people are left to pick sides - which story do YOU believe? Another source of divide and conquer. Why is it that we can not ALL agree that a GENUINE investigation is needed? Is there someone out there content with the official story being recorded as historical fact? You are OK with your great grandkids being taught that the laws of physics did NOT apply on 9-11-01, that mystical, magical date? You are OK with a legacy that this nation NEVER questions itself? (Not YOU personally!)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.